Can we discuss fortress

Fortress is broken. Can you do a really quick and easy fix where your bar is filled based on number of flags rather than power defeated? Because genuinely, almost no one has time for this… I really don’t think this was your intention. Thank you!


I think retirement is a much better option. Just saying.


Flags for the win!

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Bar score supposed to be 1.2x your power …

If thats no longer the case then it needs rectifying or alterimg to suit the needs

The problem is that fortress is all red lines so to hit that high takes about 135 lines.
Small exaggeration but you can see in the ss how many times I had to hit to fill it 2 stars.


How come it’s all red lines? Too low level of your team mates, they’re lazy and leave everything to you :face_with_raised_eyebrow: or they stay in low tourney leagues. Still I don’t know when they changed it to that seems indeed not an improvement although a power bar is more feeling like you do something then just 4 hits and be done.

We had the same problem in DragonSoul. If I had to guess, there is a variable overflow somewhere in the code that was ported over.

Spaghetti Code! (that’s what Gree called it lol)

Well clearly… I blame Bob

I’m fairly certain it’s related to the error in calculating guild total power. The fortress lines are set on that GUILD incorrect value (which is 2.15 billion lower in many cases) yet the individual requirement is based on the actual power of the PERSON.

The suggestion to make it based on total lines defeated seems sound

Also - adding XP as a reward would be super nice. Gold is pretty easy to acquire - but a daily opportunity to gain XP would have even this fortress hater take notice


Fortress still sucks :rofl:


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