Can we get some guidance with Crystals?


Can PB explain a bit about the crystals. The different kind we can create, the bonus they give and ideally how that bonus is calculated (%; fixed value …etc…).

All data would helpful as we are spending and maybe wasting money making the wrong crystals…

Thank you


There are only three bonuses.
All blue = extra health points.
All red = extra attack points.
Keep in mind that you don’t need 100% for this. Als long it shows blue or red you get the 100% bonus. 90/10% etc mixes are OK as well. How much you get is determined by your level. Gold 4, 5, 6 etc.
The third is a mixture around 50/50. Color is purple and it gives you an aspect bonus of 2% if I can remember it correctly.


Thanks @Horst

So the red and blue give static benefits based on the level of the character at the time the crystal is create?

When you say gold level do you mean the number of stars the character has? (up to five currently)?



Nope. Dynamic hp increase.
I used crystal on a 4 star hero. The crystal value was increased while equipped when that hero got 5 stars =)

They increase upon lvl up too it seems


Yeah gear ranks or star capacity will upgrade the crystal
But in essence whatever the cap is set to for gear rank … So lets say 5star hero o6 gear…health is 12169 and for power 811… 100% of the chosen colour was used in those, no dilutions… You can’t increase past that value until next gear rank comes about


There are 5 bonuses.

Have you not made a red crystal with health
A blue one with power

Gotta know the secret mixes to earn those elusive ones


@Cottontail are you sure that isn’t a glitch? would you mind sharing what percentage of red/blue potion made that crystal?


I hate doing thbat. When you need one crystal and Keep getting the other. Ugh!


If you use 50% vitality and 50% strength vials that is 5,000 vials each you get a purple gem like on my dragoon hero

but if you use 100% strength vials 10,000 like on my dragon heir you get a red gem like this


This cost me 30,000 vials of strength to make and 100 dragon heir shards and 60 epic pieces to make 2 gems


Those are crystals, not gems.


OK Crystal’s then. My bad. So it takes 30,000 vials to make 2 Crystal’s, and 100 hero shards. And it’s epic gear 20 for 1st Crystal


It’s 50 shards and 5 epic gear for each crystal. 10000 potion for the first and 20000 for the second.


Blue give health and red give attack. thats it


Apart from @Cottontail and his red health Crystal lol.
But yes >70% red potions = red strength Crystal
And >70% blue potions = blue vitality Crystal
In between that = purple aspect Crystal

I want some many more red Crystal than blue, that all of my crystals are 72% red, 28% blue mixes, and I’m still running low on red potions.


Would love to know what purple even means. “2% aspect damage” … Does this mean the aspect split changes from +25/-20 to +27/-18 or just +27/-20? And “2% aspect defense”? Both aspects or just the dominant one?


I assume it worked like:

fury will be 27%att/22%def vs focus


Mici explained this too me… Let me find the words on one of my posts :innocent:



Cheers, sounds reasonable to me :slight_smile: