Can we get some guidance with Crystals?


Is there any other benefit to having a red vitality crystal. Does it add more overall power to your hero or does it add alot of vitality and some base attack damage? I just want to know before i destroy some crystals and test.


Soooo if i resume clearly :

  • full red vials > attack raise around 550 points, and magical formula.
  • full blue vials > health raise around 8000 points unknown formula again
  • 25R/75B > health raise 8000 but red colored (for god sake why ?!?)
  • 25B/75R > attack raise 550 points but blue ( still puzzled)
    50/50 > 2% aspect attack and 2% aspect defense bonus to the stats well known of 125/100/80

Still questions on the board…


Im not sure if @Pixie_Mici description is correct @Cottontail :thinking: In her exemple, the bonus could simply be called “2% damage bonus”… But in the description it says " 2% ASPECT damage" . I think @RawGaming might be right :confused: I feel the word aspect is there for a reason or I might just be overthinking things :joy: It would be cool to have an official answer from someone to get the right effect for this crystal… Right @Polaris ? :nerd_face:


Allright, let me take a stab at this:

Vitality > 70% results in a vitality crystal

Attack > 70% results an attack crystal

Anything in between results in a waste of crystal vials.

Vitality and attack are mostly based on rarity, although there is a small dependence on some other factor (perhaps epic skill level?) Base vitality and base attack have no bearing on the bonus.


okay so all that is Greek to me… I made originally purple crystals… I see there is a reclaim button. I know if I push it I loose shards n gear. But I tried once n lost potion too… Is that supposed to happen or are we supposed to get potion back?


You get half back of what you used to make it.


I figured this out AFTER I Posted. Next question. For example howling wolf, should I make him a red crystal to add to his toughness or blue since hes already tough?


I personally put red crystals on him.
Hoping that his healing would carry him through, and that he would hit harder.
He is a bit squishy, but I want him to do more damage rather than last a little longer.

Up to you though.


Leaving it up to me is making my brain hurt… I’m one of the strongest players in my server but it’s all by chance…I was that girl who played mortal Kombat and whole body would move left, right, forward; to whichever way I pressed on control. Made it an in interesting game and drove my bf’s nuts.

Point of story is I can’t decide


You had more than one bf? :wink:

I have tables of data, where people have calculated how much percentage a red and a blue Crystal make to the attack or health of a hero.

I have four guilds worth of Crystal guides, where people have shared what they put on their heroes, and for around eight heroes out of ten, they all match up.

However, I didn’t make these myself, so they are not mine to share.

I would say, if you think your hero is dying too quick, blue crystals would help.
If your hero is a damage dealer that lasts as long as the other heroes in your team, red crystals would help.

Point of this story?
It’s really up to you.
Or ask your other guild Mates what they think.


If you need crystal help… I’m your guy :joy::joy:
But I dont do this for just anyone… Have to be cordially invited to my alchemy room on line app


Some players add blues for the team power… Some have no clue what to do…
Others add what is required based on numerous reset crystals and refitting them to ensure the right ingredients were used for that hero

Depends what you want to do tbh

Many reasons to have all purple… Many to have all blue… And not many reasons to go all red


I’m all of those players.
I have no answers. Or clue.


Omg all I hear is blah blah blah. Dumb it down man I’m blonde come on!:joy::joy: I have one red crystal and one blue on some and two reds on others so when is it over kill to have strength on a strong hero?


I’d appreciate the invite… My name is Speonka. Or JerSey Girl. I use 2 so I can see screen as I’m in PQ and not have to exit n enter back n forth…


OK you want to use 72% of red and 28% of blue to make a red 100% anything less you get purple and far as a full red hero that is easy dragon heir all red, brawler mix red and blue and red. Because he dies to much but he hit hard and fast. Ice Berg blue. Dragoon blue. Serpent King red. Twin trackers red , princess portal all red. Hope this helps you all.


If I make a crystal for a lvl 100 hero and equipped it. Then I raised his lvl to the next max(mine is 105). So 105. Then I unequipped the crystal and broke it for whatever it gave back. When I make it again and equip it, will it be stronger because his lvl is stronger?


Don’t ever break crystals unless you want to change from a red to a blue one.

The crystals level up with you


Reclaim elements removes all bonuses… :slightly_smiling_face::angry::upside_down_face:
You lose 50% of the initial input vials too… So a 10k crystal gives back 5k…
A 60k would give back 30k

Major losses… So try to pick the colour you want permanently


Plus you permanently lose the 50 hero shards and 5 epic gear used to put it on.