Can we get some guidance with Crystals?


Oh how could I forget those :sunglasses:


When viewing other guild heroes … It does not show I the hero has a crystal or not?? Not important to wat matters. Just stating!


Now you can make and equip 3 crystals and max is now lv 125


Oh really?


Cut them some slack, they’re in some weird foreign server.


Are you still giving invites I would love to learn more… Tired of crystal cracking to figure out which stops best


Names bigspank on line


When I thought Cotton couldn’t be more weird, he got a alchemy room
Cute one


I’ll find you :joy::innocent:


Since day 1 of crystals release. Was easier to discuss comparative ideas on line app then lose it all on forums :sunglasses:



Just get @WizarteroX to do all the work, and steal their findings :wink:


Uhh nice

May small Turtle be in it?
EzClap id :slight_smile:


I’ve sent a pm to that address… Need a confirm back before invite :joy::joy:


So many people posting their line id in open chat

Good job @Cottontail is already my friend in line lol


Hehehe yeah post em all :joy:



Hi, new to crystals on s8… is 50/50 split a good option for rear line heroes?


Very short answer here, in a word, no.


@Cottontail i’m still waiting to hear how you make those other 2 crystals … red w/health and blue w/power … are those secrets revealed in your Line alchemy lab?


Thank you Sticker Jenni… another question for anyone who can help… i currently have 5 heroes leveled up, but lost one , in Epic dungeon. If i reset Epic dungeon to choose 5 new heroes to power up, do i lose all the work ive done with the current five?


No, you don’t lose any progress with your 5 heroes