Can we get some guidance with Crystals?


Thank you.


They were patched out of existence…
Only me and one other account have one crystal each of that type still attached


Add Cheech Wizard on line please?!:slight_smile: @Cottontail


I don’t understand this forum. I don’t really get what is going on at all. I don’t know why people seem to be secretive with who to give what crystal too. I haven’t even figured out how our where to make the crystals. And it’s all super confusing to me. And what is an alchemy thing people keep talking about?


I made a line group to discuss certain portal quest features.
It’s invite only or on request.
Yes it is kind of secretive but only because a small dedicated group is more productive to what it’s intended for without idle chit chat, so that is how it’s kept
I’m not about to post or chat what I do in that group on forum as it was originally intended to benefit me and my guild when I was a leader previously. No one else was with us when crystals first released so we had it as our private lounge for note comparing
I left my guild and since then have added the odd player in… Whether they were same server or not wasn’t an issue.

Alchemy room for discussion of crystals and who works well with what… Comparing notes on those and honour /essence combos

Good group of players in there, some leaders some members, no drama :wink:


I have a list of heroes and which crystals people think would benefit them

But I didn’t write it, so it’s not mine to post.
It’s not secrets, it’s just ownership.

But crystals aren’t really rocket science.

Want your hero to hit harder? Red
Want your hero to live longer? Blue
Want your hero to waste resources and be laughed at if you post it in chat? Purple.


Been on the receiving end of that… Bunch of meanies!


Purple is for flowers and … Ummmm… Toys.


Can someone explain the purpose of 72% 28% on Crystals


You can get the crystal that you want if the vial that will match the crystal is over 70%. If you tend to make more of one crystal than the other, then you’ll want to use as much of the unwanted vial as you can.


You’re probably going to use a lot more blue potions than red.

If you’re sensible you’ll understand why.

So to be able to maximise your crystals, make 72 blue /28 red when making blue crystal
And 100 red when making red crystal.

Orrrrrrrrr if you like red crystals more, do the opposite.


Thank you for responding! :grin:


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