Can we make the marked tower flash light up green


If they flash or light up green some of the newer people will know where to attack


Or you can tell them and they will learn.

I only agree that the crosshairs should be a little bit thicker and brighter for colorblind people.


That’s exactly what I was trying to teach the guild I was in. There is a reason the leader marks towers. But, they kept wasting there points all around. I wondered if they got my message or if they couldn’t see the marks or if they just didn’t care to listen.
Gotta be a strong team to beat a stronger guild.


This sounds a bit harsh, but in my opinion a person is too incapable to be in a guild if they don’t understand the concept of communication, nor how guild features work such as guild war.

In a case that extreme, just kick them. The problem isn’t with how clear the markings are, it’s with the people.