Can you please fix the fortress?

Why are there so many red lines on fortress? Us ftp players who actually use it don’t want to have to earn 120+ flags in fortress just to fill our bar. Less lines with more power would be appreciated. Or less red lines period? This is in blockbuster mode, but even lower difficulties are the same.


Solution: join another guild or ask leader to change fortress difficulty

Going up just makes it more red lines and going down doesn’t fix the fact that most of the lines are still red? Many guilds don’t participate in fortress anyway. I seriously don’t think you understand the issue, and your comment is zero help. One person shouldn’t have to do 1/7th of the flags just to fill their bar. Blockbuster mode is not an easy mode. 127 flags out of 700 for me to fill my bar? How does that make sense?



For a long time the players believed that the obvious problem was that the fortress was based on guild total power.

If per blue fixed the bug there, the lines would get sorted.

Simples, yes?

Then S8 came to town…

Hello @Viscountess_Blue and Jaded by the way :wink:
(Couldn’t resist, sorry)

And our fortresses are just as broken :frowning:

So, it’s clearly not that simple.

Still needs fixing though @Loutre
Tell us that you’re looking at it (or that you’re not going to!) and maybe people will stop s#!tposting…

About fortress anyway.
Presumably, the next thing will be crusade, as you have been steadily (if slowly…) fixing most things raised in these forums lol.

Speaking of which, fortress and crusade rewards are a bit pants nowadays.
Like most early game modes, they haven’t scaled well


So is it better to answer the topic than to start drama in the replies. @Pixie_Mici

I can’t do both?

Except that you didn’t answer the question. Your advice was irrelevant. The guild and the fortress difficulty is not the problem.

I will reiterate. I did 127 flags out of 700 and ALL of them were red. And all of the lines that were left over for others were also red. If there are 700 flags and 40 guild members it should theoretically take 18 ish flags to fill your bar. Math, yes? I don’t mind there being easy lines since many players across the board don’t do fortress anymore, but the majority of them being red makes no sense.

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Wrong. The lines are based in your guilds TP (total power).

The problem is your guild under leveled compared to you.

So all you can do is leave, not do fort, or ptg PB fixes fort. /_ ( • _ • ) _/

Clearly you know nothing of what I am speaking of as I’m in a top 10 guild for power on s1, and I’m not at the top for power in my guild either. I’m a middle guy. The problem is not the ‘power’ level of my guild (for the 3rd time) or member levels…

Then I’ve got nothing for ya other than don’t do fort (for the --3rd-- second time) /_ ( • _ • ) _/

Great, unless you’re someome who is capable of fixing the problem I wasn’t looking for advice from you on how to play the game. Us FTP players do fortress because it’s one of the easiest ways to get diamonds… (when the fortress isn’t broken) I’ll 1-2 toon every red line in that thing to fill my bar but it’s a waste of time and a huge annoyance. I’m not the only player and we aren’t the only guild who has complaints about it. Isn’t this what the feedback corner is for?

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Total guild power is broken- more powerful guilds are ‘reset’ in power and are behind less powerful guilds in the rankings. Maybe you are ‘reset’ as well only is it not reset in the rankings yet :thinking: I’ve no idea but it needs to be damn fixed .

Passive agressive.

I love how you spout a load of rubbish, and your posts stay up.

I point out that the emporer has no clothes, and your army of alts flag me to oblivion.

Enjoy your echo chamber, president wadda…

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None of us do.
Yet this theory keeps doing the rounds.

The server 8 guilds that are “reset”?
I’m in one.

Their fortress is just as broken.

This isn’t the problem.


Uhm did the power rankings issue started to appear same time as fortress issue? On 8 that is. Or they changed something and the power bug got chance to give way to another bug :thinking: i would really like to see how fortress works

Maybe the problem with fortress is connected to the bug in guild total power which was supposed to be fixed. If it is I want to know how this is possible

But maybe it’s Bob’s revenge fof being blamed so often

Army of alts?

I have two forums profiles currently in-use. This and another I haven’t used in months for being suspended from posting and commenting.

Also I love how you spout a load of spam attack comments, and your posts stays up. :joy:

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