Cannot Get Logged In

What is going on???
Ever since the last update I keep having a problem logging on. The screen just goes blank!!!

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Delete the app and download it again. Don’t forget to clean out your cache if you can

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Our member Scout Drifter has done all that and he can’t even 're download the game now. We have reported to support but still nothing. How many Gigs of memory does he need?

It’s not so much the memory it’s the cache causing most of these issues… But not all of them
Backup accounts if haven’t already (can’t do if can’t get in obviously)
If you have a second device or someone in the home has
It would be best to try get into pq on that first and then backup

Go to app settings in your own menus on device and delete cache for pq and your app store

So for me itd be those wiped…
Those have to be done before download attempt is made
Delete pq and now download it again
Then hopefully it should allow access once more
If not… Then you need to be in contact with support either via discord on here or via email

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Thank you Cottontail but he has done all that already. :neutral_face: May have to get an upgrade. :slight_smile:

Ouch that’s a shame
Bet they are gutted as its Lords week

Hope to see em back soon though

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Yes he is rather gutted, I hope he’s back soon as he is one of our 120s. :neutral_face:

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