Cant dowload latest update


As of last week, I can no longer play on my 2nd account (different device).
When I click to play, it says there is an update.
I go to google play, and it says that my device is not compatible.
What the ?
My device played fine until now.
BTW, its a Huawei mediapad M5 10.8"
I want to play again.
Whats wrong with this tablet that you arent supporting it, but my 7 year old tablet with 1gb memory still works (but the game overheats the old tablet now)?
Seriously want to play the game again.
Does anyone know any way to install this NOT through google play? I just want to play again.


Apkmirror would probably be your safest bet.
They tend to have crc and md5 checks.

Do I sound like I know what I am talking about? :slight_smile:


I already have it installed.
It USED to work.
It wont UPDATE now.
I already uninstalled it, installed the apk, removed the google play cache (all of them, to my detriment, as all my games now went back to being brand new again and I have to redo EV#ERYTHING I already did with them, sigh).

Thinking about just uninstalling both of my accounts/games, and never returning.
This is a recurring theme with Portal Quest, and I am getting pretty dang tired of it.


I meant get the latest apk from there so you don’t need to update.
However that would be a nightmare, given that you would have to do this every two weeks

Plus there would be a waiting time for them to catch up with the updates.

If you have access to pq, submit a ticket through the game.
Otherwise there is a help website that’s listed in several threads here where people have lost accounts and can’t access game.

Searching for “lost account” should highlight it.

You could then ask the devs directly.

Because if I’m honest, when one of them eventually sees this thread, they’ll just post the link to that here, so that they can communicate with you directly through email.

Really @Polaris this information should be in a pinned thread / message in the welcome to discourse info above…? :slight_smile:


Yeah, I had already submitted a ticket before coming here, as in the past they have been slow to respond (and they still are. Seems when you post here they JUMP on your ticket so people wont think they do nothing, but they dont anyway).
I havent ‘lost’ the account (I am sure you know this, as you seem very well informed on the game), so that doesnt help.
It just wont update anymore.
I wonder if I make a new email addy, and set the game to that email, if I can get it to work?
Funny thing is, my phone is also android 8.0.0, and it works just fine.
Maybe its because my new tablet is an asian not well known tablet (Huawei) , instead of the awesomely well known Samsung? Maybe they just have to put the Huawei on the back burner for testing, and Samsung gets priority testing and updates sooner?
If its not resolved in a week, I really am going to just uninstall both and quit playing. Like I said, too much of this has happened with the PerBlue Portal Quest over the years.
Maybe PQ2 will fix it, but I doubt it.

Well, thought I had it.
I installed apkinstaller, it found my SIZABLE 200+ PQ game, did a backup to a clean ext card, put it in the new device, and restored, and it just re-installed the original apk that was a measly 56mb.
Sigh, I just cant win.

Do you know how to make a backup of the whole game on an unrooted (NOT rooted, just a regular samsung/huawei image) android device?
Because, this just isnt working, and I am getting more and more frustrated.

Maybe if I move everything to the ext drive, then move that drive over, will it see the save file and/or the new installed updates and maybe work?


I shall stop trying to help.

Was thinking that if you logged the ticket off the game, you could access their email replies on any device, rather than having to log into pq.

P.s. my Huawei is working perfectly fine here thanks :wink:


I didnt mean to stop trying to help.
I was saying what I have already tried.

How do you get the ‘latest’ apk?
I tried the google link, copied it, and it just downloads the very 1st 56mb apk, not the latest 200mb+ install apk.
How do I get the latest one?

And weird that your Huawei works with the game and mine does not. :frowning:
Any help is VERY much appreciated, as I am new to this installing through apk files, as google play has always been fine for my game needs.
Sorry I am getting very frustrated trying to get this to work. AND my phone has started NOT ringing and the sounds are on/off/on/off, and the whole Android thing is just getting old and VERY unreliable since the kitkat update long ago (before then it was rock solid stable, and now every new update just seems to make it more unstable, sigh).

I just want PQ to work again.



My app keeps crashing every time I try to play in the royal tournament since the last update I’ve left several messages trying to get help idk who to talk to it’s getting very aggravating I’ve already tried to uninstall it and reinstall it several times I even got a new phone somebody PLEASE HELP ME