Can't login to my alt accounts

Hey. Since PB won’t be answering tickets until Tuesday I guess my best option is to ask here for help or advice.
As title says I am unable to login to my other servers.
8 is fine but server 1 4 9 and 10 won’t load.
Is anyone else having this issue or could shed some light as to why this might be happening?

Have they disappeared?
Or there but won’t open

All my other accounts load fine
Have you tried on 4g (a stable connection)?

But you can see them but not load into them right?

Try clearing your cache. If that doesn’t work, restart your phone. If that doesn’t work, re-download. If none of that works you’ll just have to wait.

Tried data… and WiFi. Both strong connections. Have free space on phone. I remove unwanted stuff weekly. Cache cleared as well as temp files and even cookies even though cookies shouldn’t affect it… still nope

Bonjour j ai perdu mon compte et je n arrive pas a le récupérer,ni avec fb ni avec Google…j étais niveau 169
Mon mail est

You sure he understand French?

I understand French and know what you’re saying
but he probably doesn’t hmmmm

Btw nice mail :slight_smile:

Au Revoir
Sincérement Turtle

Contactez le support et envoyez-leur les informations sur votre compte ils ont besoin! En anglais :wink:

Nope don’t understand French. But thank God for Google translate.
I managed to get on briefly at one stage after first post but now still can’t log in again…
You may want to try the lost account button vlad…

Non, je ne comprends pas le français. Mais merci à Dieu de traduire Google.

J’ai réussi à m’entendre brièvement après le premier message, mais je ne peux toujours pas me connecter à nouveau.

Vous voudrez peut-être essayer le bouton de compte perdu vlad

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