Cap on gold & stamina


Why would there be a cap placed on the two things we need the most of to advance in the game!!! Spending it before reach cap is not a solution. Is basically like dungeon torches. If you are capped then anything earned just goes to waste. To the free to play player this makes a difference. Should be a minor adjustment in game coding to raise the cap…better yet whats wrong with unlimited? With Portal Lords you shouldnt be so quick to rub out the regular parts of the game. There are still alot of lower level players that will never be able to play, seems like 95% of PL has something to do with Epic…not everyone plays epic yet & now you are adding another? The shops are a good idea within each guild. But the way they are structured is crazy! Keep it simple PQ! Just let each guild trade amongst theirselves! Players have already paid for item(s) why not just say cost is donating same amount of items that you want to use. Just make different groups due to some items cisting alot.


Gold cap is over 2 billion.
“This will affect free to play”…

No. No, it won’t.

The stamina cap that you’re tutting about…
Is now 4000.
It was originally 1000.

That’s an improvement.
From players complaining that the first one was too small.

But thanks for playing :slight_smile:

As for the guild shop.
Yes. It’s pants.

The daily scrip donations limit needs raising.
And the scrip currency value needs tweaking.

Funnily enough, on this forum, there’s a brilliant thread by a nice guy called wiz.
These issues are all on that thread.

And to be faaaaiiiiirrr to wiz, that is exactly how the stamina cap got raised in the first place :wink:


I can’t imagine any f2p player being capped on anything. Especially gold. The stamina cap is fine. You can still collect your free stamina over the cap. You just can’t buy over.