Challenger arena ranking broken for payout


There needs to be a better way to determine the payout for Challenger arena. Right now it is completely broken by the tie breaker mechanics (last to finish a fight gets first). Let’s brainstorm options for how to make Challenger more interesting/challenging. Here are a few that I have seen/have:

  • Fix tie breaking mechanic so first to finish a fight stays on top and subsequent finishers always fall below them (eliminates the pause just before you win against 1st place until 3 seconds before payout).
  • Reduce how high up players can move in a single hit (no more 100 to 1 instantly). Maybe only allow attacks on teams 5 above you?
  • Make it so you get rewards based on how long you stay in a section during the day and that will determine the final payout at payout time
  • Split Challenger to multiple rooms with a smaller count to make it more fair for payout as more players get into Challenger
  • Make arena about having the best team and not just timing- have an automated fight for each player against all of the rest in the room to determine total wins and losses to factor into rank and payout. This could be additive with current rank in the room

What are your ideas?


I do think that the person to finish a fight first stays on top. Once I ended up in 2nd place immediately after attacking first, and my guess was that someone finished before me, meaning I won a fight against second place, and not first.

If the amount of attack that can be made above you that would mean a lot more diamond spending for refreshing, and everyone would blame PerBlue. Not to mention challenger would be impossible to stay in for f2p.

Giving rewards based on how long you’ve been somewhere would be a bit unfair, but my own ideal solution also would be… I don’t think there’s a perfect solution so this might work. (Unfair due to timezones).

Splitting challenger doesn’t actually solve the tie-breaker problem you mentioned, but is perhaps in order. I don’t think it’ll happen though, as it’s kind of the purpose of challenger that there exists only one of.

Automated fights wouldn’t work, due to these reasons:

  • It’s probably very difficult for the server to process
  • It removes the way arena currently works, where you have to fight your way to the top, and where there actually are rankings
  • Not all lineups should be attacked with the same lineup. Victory wouldn’t be dependent on whose lineup is the best, but who used the best counter against the most-used lineup.

My own idea to improve challenger would be to hand out rewards at a fixed time, but based on your timezone. E.g. 12 pm local time. It would be a bit unfair against people who have a lot of players in their timezone also in challenger, but it would also make it fairer for those who are asleep when rewards are handed out.

I don’t think there’s a good solution for the tie breaker issues you mentioned.


It is like this already? Rewards come at 3am at your own timezone. Not sure how many people can abuse this by signing up with a proxy or something (assuming your timezone is figured from when you first play PQ as if it were to change this could be abused easily? change timezone a million times to 2:59am and get a million rewards?) but there sure is a lot of active people at 3am in my time, lol.

I think it is pretty stupid to have rewards come at a specific time. There should be something you can do to gain points during the day (stay first for an hour? hit #1 and win 5 times? get 3 defenses? all of the above?) or something alike that will reward you at the end of it. I don’t have many ideas but I don’t really like the current implementation.


I’m not even close to challenger, but how about something like this:

The rooms of challenger people are set at a certain point in the day (perhaps 20 people to a room like tourney). You have a set number of attacks, and each person can be attacked by you once. Successful Attacks and successfully defending earn you points (could possibly vary for 0 to 3 star victories). Points of other people could be visible or hidden; I don’t know which would be better.


I didn’t know it was already like that, as I got that information from others who were apparently needlessly complaining. I don’t really experience any issues myself.

If it’s already like that I don’t really see any major problems, and thus I think none of the things suggested in this thread will be implemented as it’s probably a lot of work for something that isn’t really a necessity.


Thinking it through further, the code is probably even simpler than that and there is no tie breaking mechanic, my estimate is that if you attack first place and win then the game gives you first place based on when you finish. It should instead be putting you one above the player you beat when you finish. During a busy time of day, take a screenshot before you attack; just before you win, pause for 10 minutes and then win and see where you end up and how many players got between you or above you.

Anyway, yes my understanding is that there is a single payout for everyone and it is 10 pm est. It shifted for everyone across the globe by an hour with DST. I have a guildie in Nepal who confirmed this.

I really don’t think it makes sense that Challenger amounts to rank at one specific time of day.

100 players x 99 battles calculations on a server with sorting shouldn’t be that bad for the automated option. I work with much larger processing than that and handle millions of transactions. The best countering team should win and that player should rank the highest. But again maybe this could just be a factor in the payout.

Another option might be to split the current payout into 24 intervals (one per hour) and players accumulate until the flip over. This would bring it into line with the other arena rooms where you wanted to stay in the top 5 or less to promote.

Add a scoring system like HighOnOxygen would also help. Something like 2 points per win, 2 points for beating unique players(for the day), and 1 point for successful defenses would be interesting and encourage more than attacking #1.


Sounds a bit like tournament