Challenger dumbf’ery

Anyone in challenger tourney knows where this is going…

Why have over 300 competitors in challenger, many of whom don’t even bother attacking…

…when no-one can even make it to challenger now?

You are definitely aware of this issue, so why isn’t it being remedied. Gradually axe the people who aren’t attacking, then the lowest scorers till there is a much more reasonable amount. Then promote the winners of each Plat I every tourney, and demote the same number back down.

That way I can get my s5 acc to challenger. It would do his ego some good

If you think about it, people would have to spend more diamonds to stay there, so it a win win situation (except for the whales that can’t be asked to attack because they know they won’t be demoted

Specs and Pun


The way there can be 300 accounts in challenger is that the top 5 in plat 1 promote, despite the text saying 0 can promote. Did you end up 5th or above?

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I’m sure there’s a set amohnt that has to be in plat 1 before promotion actually occurs

Maybe12… Maybe 14 players not entirely sure but theres definitely a method to it

Players just have to wait till p1 fills up then pounce the day its ripe for promo

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3rd. Still in plat1

The last thing you need is more ego, hun :wink:

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