Change dungeon back!


It sucks not to be able to reset and get torches.
If I do the endless dungeon and I get the 5th key to do the boss dungeon, then I have to wait until next day cuz I’m out of torches. The next say I do boss dungeon but then I can’t do the endless dungeon quest cuz I’m out of torches cuz of Boss dungeon.
This doesn’t make any sense and I don’t gonna spend 240 diamonds to get 20 torches!

Or is that the reason for the change? To get us spend more money on diamonds?!


:thinking: A very astute discernment.


Delete torches at all.

Everything in the game is limited to something like stamina, torches, keys, …

Dungeon could be a very cool option to do whenever u want. Just put it to 1 reset daily, so ppl can go as deep as they can and if they don’t have a reset, they have to wait till the next day or become stronger, to complete further floors.

Everyone who has torches now could be compensated with keys or something else, so they won’t mimimi.

This would also help ppl, who try to catch up with us max level player, because I know that very many max level player don’t do dungeon regularly, cause it’s boring, not a must to do and don’t affect the progress at all (u can get everything without dungeon, unicorn shards and boss keys are nothing special anymore, the balance is completely broken as u can buy for 20€ more boss keys than someone could grind in a month…)


I don’t think that’ll work. You can’t expect all players who want to be competitive to have enough time to reach as far as they can in endless dungeon multiple times a week. I know I wouldn’t have time for that, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

PerBlue is watching it, so I’m sure they’ll somewhat fix it after some time. Personally, I think it wouldn’t be so bad if Boss and Epic dungeon worked without torches. (Boss is capped anyway, Epic could be capped some way. With its current torch burning and difficulty, it could be max. 5 floors.)


Yeah but u don’t have to play as far as u can.

I mean dungeon should be something what u CAN play, when u are done with ur dailies and can’t do anything else than wait for the next day, to reset dailies.


That is true it’s hard enough to battle. And see 2 or 3 torches get use for Battle each time and have 5 + or more battles at a time. Your lucky enough to get 1 or 2 floors at time.need more ,:moneybag::moneybag: to get any where :’(:’(:’(:smiley:


Right now you’d be at a major disadvantage for not dungeoning all the way, especially with epic gear and skills only obtainable from the dungeon.


After playing through the update for a week i’ve found i really enjoy the claim torch option instead of reset for a couple reasons. Now i understand we still get a few less torches but it comes with some perks. A) you can keep dungeoning every day without having to reset and so i’ve been able to go a lot further in dungeon. And B) i don’t have to rush to do dungeon everyday! A crazy day is no problem because if i don’t have the time to run the dungeon that day i can just claim and stash my torches for another day. So although there are some mixed feelings with this update i’d like to say thank you to perblue for simplifying my life. I know many of my guild members didn’t play the dungeon because it was too time consuming to constantly play and this fixed that problem as well as made a way for perblue to sell more torches to the people who have more time to play.


And if a dungeon contest starts, the person wins who saved all torches and waited?


Lol umm yes basically :wink: well yes and no. If you spend your torches and build your dungeon level you will have an advantage in the long run.


Same can apply for a few other contests, such as stamina/diamond spending, and gathering (purple) scraps. Perblue had no problem with people who saved their rewards up being at a large advantage in the token earning contest, so this should be fine too.



I used to run 60 floors nearly everyday
Now I can run 35-40 max
I’m dungeon XP level 38 and get a measly 49 torches per day.
I was using 1000+ a week
Now I barely get 500 torches to play with

The daily torch gift is a good idea I must admit but its seriously screwing with my enjoyment
I spend Friday 6pm till Saturday 10pm locked in dungeon because I enjoy it.
Now I can’t even do more then 2 hours playtime without running out of torches

My influence earning had been increasing steadily every week up until the patch… Now it has halved since patch

Was aiming for 1million lifetime influence by December’s end.
You burst that bubble with this update
It’ll now take me until end of January to hit that target

I’ve included pre-update weekly influence (100k+) and after update weekly influence(45k+) in screenshots


Epic Dungeon is an epic fail… the 2x burn rate is just ridiculous… and I haven’t been into it since the first day it opened.

The dungeon is a great source of materials and guild influence… but the problems laid out in the initial post are real. You can only do one per day, because you won’t have enough torches to do the other… boss or endless. It really does limit the game to a 4x daily play… 9am, 12pm, 6pm, then 9pm.

Well… if you do arena… then you play the game from 7:55 - 7:59 PM to try and get as high as you can before you are knocked back down. Arena is pointless beyond a 4-minute window every day.


Arena is about the general sense of progression, and isn’t something to be busy with like dungeon, war or crusade are/were intended to be. The rewards are nice as it’s one of the few ways to get diamonds for F2P players. And those times you mentioned… Those are different for everyone. Arena sends my rewards at 4am so trying to get as high as you can isn’t a practice for everyone.

Back on topic: I’m sure PerBlue will think of something to alleviate these issues, but it’ll probably take some time so I hope you all have enough patience. If not, you’re not going to like the wait.


I like your clever idea.


Torches DON’T matter. There are daily packages for you to buy tons of keys and pony shards. Or spend diamonds in contests. Ppl crying here are f2p, devs don’t care whether we have less free torches to play with.


So did the epic torches get put back to normal burn, or are they still 2x burn?


Is Epic dungeon still a 2x burn rate? If it is… it needs to be changed to a normal burn rate.

Not only do you need shards for epic skills, but you also need material/gear that is only available in the epic dungeon. Making the torches burn 2x as fast is just redundant for difficulty.


Regular burn now.



I don’t think so… I’m in there and my torches are burning like a California wild fire! Every fight burns about 1 torch still… and I’m on the 1st floor!