Chapter 12 stage 6


I’ve been stuck on this stage for days. All my heroes are orange, level 95 max, 5 star, and nearly fully equipped minus the epic gears (work in progress) but I cannot seem to get past the 2nd wave no matter what combination of heroes I use. Any suggestions?


Fully level up and buff up Scared Brawler Howling Claw Mass Destruction Princess Portal and Ancient Siren


S9 doesn’t have siren yet


s8 doesn’t even have Siren yet

You gotta remember the old days, there is like 20-30 heroes s8 and s9 doesn’t have


Claw plus a tank up front

Scion hex pony or salty fox punk at back


To be faiiiir, back in the day I always used ginger claw pp hex binder

But then we never had Scion or pony at this stage of the campaign back then

Wow I feel old.


Manual wave 1 and wave 2… Auto wave 3… Need I say more?
Let me go log in to s9 and I’ll build you a team for it


Wander Claw
Dragon pony pp

Should smoke it… Wave 1 manual no skills used… Wave 2 manual… wander Pony dragon skills used
Wave 3 full auto let it fly

Ss is from s1 but i looked over s9 teams to see what would do it with ease


Thank you all so much. I finally managed to fully gear all my heroes now that I passed this dreaded level. Now on to epic gears. >.<


Use pony and wander in your first attempt.
Along with dragon or hermit
And a heavy hitter like salty
And a tank up front

Trust me :wink: