Chest event/new patch


Hello perblue,

I have come to your forums today to say that I appreciate the half off gold chest event. It’s a nice incentive to spend more money here. However, I do have a concern. We are all aware of a new patch coming out in the near future. One that puts a new hero in gold chests as well as increasing the overall value of golds with exp, gold etc. With that being said, why not overlap the event with the new patch so everyone can celebrate and enjoy the sale and the patch? You are not only disservicing your consumers, but yourself as well. If you give me half off chests that contain a new hero, you bet I’m gonna buy them. Instead, you offer us a promo for half off chests BEFORE the update so we all buy now AND then. I understand this is a profit run mobile game, but at what point does decency outweigh greed? For those of us that do not need gold chests right now, it’s a waste, but if you did this during a new patch, I’d have to take a second mortgage xD. Maybe you’ll extend the event into the first day if the new patch :slight_smile: