Claiming Mondays Rewards


I still haven’t been able to claim my 5 weekly rewards from Monday & have finished enough from this week to get the 5/5 next monday. How can I resolve this issue? Is there a customer service number or email I can use to contact per blue?


I am having the same issue with collecting weekly rewards. I should have close to enough for the next claim as well.


Do you think we will get compensated?


If you didn’t collect the rewards monday, then wait till next monday, they hotfixed it, but it is still buggy, if you don’t claim the rewards before it is thursday, then you have to wait till next monday

I claimed my rewards, so it is working


I hope so. Being compensated would be great. By the time the offices are open again in January I should have earned 3 weekly quest rewards. For now, I’m just tap tap tapping with nothing happening.


Were you able to claim todays?


Yes thank you.
Although it said 0/5, I got all 5


I was able to claim mine as well! I’m not sure if we should just take the loss for that 1 week & move on? Did you write to per blue?


I don’t think they’d compensate for something like that.


Hope this Rewards event works out, since I missed the Christmas Name one and have yet to get excited about the game. The free 24 hour VIP gift might make me :grin: , but I’m a hoarder. Glad I stopped here, nice to learn something whilst introducing oneself!