Claw and brawler in server 4

I need some guide on how to use claw or brawler in S4. I have heard how they are really good but I am not really able to make the most out of them. I got a decent ginger, totem, Scion, pony, hex first team. War blade, squire, fox, hermit, punk second team and a very confused third team consisting of claw, brawler, portal princess, grave wraith and willow druid at the moment. I know I need to shuffle around these heroes and maybe claw will work better with a good healer by his side so maybe I should switch him with totem in the first team but are there any other really good combinations for them? I have got every toon except swashbuckler.

Ginger beard, and claw next to hexagonal witch, archer and druid willow should give you a good result on one hand

Nuts, prince totem, portal princess, hermit and bandolero is another good combination.

I want nuts and bandelero… they must be awesome :heart_eyes:


Probably not better than hexagonal witch though

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