Collection quests


How and where do you complete the different collection quests like collect 10k strength or 3k vitality . . any help would be greatly appreciated .


Your mail would be the best place.
Theoretically you’ve got applicable items from various rewards or previous contests.
That’s how most of my folks are completing the “collect” quests.


These quests showed up for portal lords event when they gave us epic dungeon . think it was yesterday.


Are you on s9?


Yes I am level 92 and orange


Strength is the red potions.
Vitality is the blue potions.

Sometimes they do a deal where you can buy them
They are a portal lords tier reward
Orrrrrrrrr… You and some of your guild mates stockpile fortress rewards for a week before the next portal lords ,


Thank you . don’t believe I currently have any . but at least I know what they are


S9 does not have crystals yet. All vial quests should be dismissed by leadership on that server


Thank you for that info . I will get rid of them


Yeah men server 9 is borred.