Combining heroes to reduce less used heroes

I’m not exactly a pro at the game. But an avid player.
I’m on s8 so a little behind than other servers.

I know every hero has their use… cough storm wizard cough loyal squire…
And the rest of the amazingly great heroes.

Even though it pains me to say this but would it be worth in future plans to ‘combine’ some of these overpowered great heroes into another one?
Seems some are a little dated.

Could probably work like.
Once xxx and xxx reach a certain level/skills. U can just erase them and create a better updated more usefull hero
Heroes in question is up to debate.
I’d love to hear some valid combinations

Just feel

  1. It’s a lot to keep up with considering some aren’t great
  2. Would reduce time and spending resources that are now scarce to level everything up.
  3. A new exciting element to the game.

Only a few somewhat redundant heroes would be affected. Not every hero.

Any thoughts?

More heroes = more to keep addicts and whales playing = no way there will be less only more. A nice list of the ones to be avoided, if/when they can, would be a help. Sort of like deleted if they are ignored :grin:

They just need to update skills

Inspiration: grant 2575 attack. Ok when health is in the millions, 2.5k extra attack doesn’t do anything

Powercreep is a thing…
Newly released heroes will always be stronger than older heroes because otherwise what is the point of getting it?
Considering that, no, old powercrept heroes don’t need to be removed/reworked/merged because new heroes are already oftentimes combinations of mechanics from different heroes.
Just let them enjoy retirement in peace :smile:

Something I would like however is a way to set certain heroes as favourites so they show up first in the hero menu, with 79 heroes being released now it’s getting increasingly more frustrating having to scroll through the menu to find the one hero you want to upgrade/skill/whatever.

Get what your saying
Just thought a new mechanic would be cool considering these retired hero’s are still expected to be used. And also need resources to level up.
Maybe it’s just my OCD but still feel the need to level them even though aren’t much use lol.

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This! I can’t tell you how many times a day I wish this was a thing.

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I agree. And it’s been said many times over past few months.
Ud think it would be basic convenience.

Did you really just dis loyal squire and storm wizard? It might actually payoff to read up on the skills of these under-utilised heroes and also the rest of the heroes while you’re at it because quite a few of these heroes you’re referring to have the ability to destroy some meta defensive lines.
Also with the way new war is, the more heroes you have the more lines that can be taken out

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