Community Discord Server


Discord is a communication app on PC and mobile that specializes in text and voice communication. It also provides organization of topics to talk in and moderation, especially for gaming communities. It just so happens that there is a Discord Server for Portal Quest!

If you all want to be able to gather around and talk to many players from other servers, this is the place to do it! You can talk in designated server channels to discuss anything related to the server like current hero lineups and recruit for guilds. There is also a general chat where everybody can just talk about anything, even if it’s not related to Portal Quest (but keep some decency please). We’re also open to suggestions to what we can put to improve the Discord Server.

If you’re interested, use this invitation link to join now!:
(Permission obtained from Xylus, the owner of the Discord Server).


bumpity bump. The invite still works and the Discord community is getting more active. Don’t be shy now :blush:


If it helps, I’m not in it any more lol.

I can’t even remember why I left now.
There wasn’t any drama, or rage quit… :thinking:


Join back mici. I promise I’ll give you a swash shard :slight_smile:


ba dum tss… (That counts as a bump, right?)

Cmon people, it really is a good place to talk to people with! But people who prefer to be silent are welcome as well. We do have a subscription system (free of course) alerting people of new forum posts that are tagged under “Announcements”, which can let you get an early look at posts like… patch notes!


Did somebody say patch notes?

I really need to read about this new guild shop…