Community Line chat?


Hey, is there a community Line chat?

If not, I’m happy to start one if there is interest.

Contact me- Line ID:zerpie


I’d be surprised if there isn’t a few guild specific ones. Gotta be careful with open to all ones though, I wouldn’t join one with kids in as you have to watch everything you post. Which kinda spoils them if you’re having to babysit.

From what I’ve seen so far on the global, there’s a high percentage of children playing it. Unlike Dragonsoul which is predominantly adults.


Only community ones I know of are the S1 and S2 guild leaders chats.


Thanks guys. Yeah, I wouldn’t make it open entry. Not too many kids seem to use Line which helps, but I agree there would need to be a bit of care taken.

I have a room in case people are interested.


Add me up mate. Id : dizzlo


Wait, what? I’m a guild leader. What’s the secret handshake?


Probably your ranking, it started with the top 30 or so. If you message me or almost any top 20 guild leader they could add you. I don’t think ranking matters anymore as there are a ton of guilds in it now, as well as some devs.


There’s no secret handshake for our community Line chat, just contact me -ID: zerpie.


I’m Guild Leader of Sticker Legion on s2 and I wasn’t invited. Lmao. I’m not well liked



Definitely not an s1 leader. S2 I am. Lmao


Ask Bio to invite you. Me and Bio were representing Legion on S2.


If you want into the S2 guild alliance just PM me your Line id.


Bio it’s me. Sticker Queen


So funny here. :joy::joy::joy:


@Hulkette @Bio @Jack_the_Sticker @Mx_Glamtastic @Knightified are there any rooms still around?


The Line leader’s chat for S2 is still active because I’m in there. Im sure that the S1 Line room is still open too but I’m not in that one. I know that at least hulkette has retired and left the game. She’s not on the forums anymore either because she can’t get logged into it.


Is there not a non exclusive room for people other than leaders? Side question, what is the distinction between the servers, just wars?


Everything, basically. There are no shared accounts, guilds, wars, arenas, tournaments, chats, everything.

Also, the features differ. S1 has all (released heroes) while the other servers get the new heroes a bit later. The level cap is also higher on older servers, there are more colors (“Purple +4”, “Orange”), and there are more campaign chapters unlocked.

If you want anything from another server you’ll have to create a new account there. Basically, there’s no interaction between servers (yet?)


I’m out as well. I thought I would miss it due to the number of times I was checking it a day and how firmly it was built into my schedule… I reached for my phone to claim stamina exactly once, realized I didn’t have to anymore, felt a profound sense of relief, and haven’t even mistakenly reached for it again.

It turns out the only reason I kept playing (other than keeping the queer guild going until I could find another leader) was to avoid missing things. There wasn’t a positive reward for picking up the things, just more grind, and the punishment of worrying about falling behind if I failed to do one of the million actions.

Toodles, folks. :kissing_heart:

disappears in a puff of glitter