Community Line chat?


I AM GOING TO MISS YOU IMMENSELY!!! And we just became ingame friends!! Aww. Well, good luck to you friend! This forum is going to be awfully lonely without you, and all the others who have left. (@Sticker_Warchief, @Knightified and any others I missed, but didn’t really get to know)

Well, at least I still have @I_Pet_Goats to keep me company!


The goat wont vanish for now :stuck_out_tongue:
My new job wasnt as heavy as i excepted it to be. Plus i have 2.5 houra train travel every day now :slight_smile:

I have plenty of time to give some life to the forum hehe :smiley:


I’m a leader server 4 looking to connect with other experience leaders.


I don’t know if this chat is still active, but you can try joining this community discord server:
Link here.

And apart from that, I don’t really know any leader chats for server 4. For that, I recommend just asking around in global (and VIP if you have VIP). If there is no chat, you could just create one yourself and invite some top 20 guild leaders to get the ball rolling.