Completely stuck in epic epic dungeon


All my toons are aspect Finesse. I am on level 37 of dungeon but I am stuck now because my two path have minions immune to Finesse toons.

How do I solve this?


Don’t take all one aspect of hero into the epic dungeon


Obviously I have learned that now. Not very helpful comment. I need a solution to reset epic epic dungeon…or I am completely stuck…


I’m sorry.
If There was an alternative, I would have listed it


Reset your dungeon and start again.
If you have 50 keys.
Least you got nearly all the way through.
Imagine if it had happened on floor 7


Also, no healing hero is a bold choice


How do you reset?

I can’t get to exit square (see pic).


Come out epic dungeon and you will see no of toons reset then start again good luck


Thanks I now see the restart button on the main Epic Dungeon screen :+1:t2:

Ps: man this game has so many bugs lately decided to stop spending money. Initially believed they would decrease bugs but they add new bugs with all the changes they make. My profile is 585 days old. As a ex-software engineer I would recommend they do a “bug fix” release without new features. I suspect many like me are getting feed up with this. Probably spent $1000+ Maybe more… Plus any time you have issues of there fault, you get zero compensation and feel insulted by their “support”. Feedup here…