Confirmation before buying 1 gold chest

Silly I know… but it often happens to me…

Basically I click chest building and whether it be Lagg or something else I often tend to click again…
And just sooo happens the chest building is exactly where the buy 1 golden chest button is…
I don’t want to waste 288 diamonds on something I don’t want or need.
Yes I guess you could say be more careful. I generally am.
It’s just annoying when it inadvertently happens.
Can we add a confirmation to buying a singular gold chest… as it is with the x5 chests.
Doubt it will require much work.

What do you mean by “chest building”?

and yeah it can sometimes be annoying when you accidently click buy 1, when you don’t want it

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The home screen that says chests. Above cosmetics. I call it a building

Yeah you’re right

I thought you talked about building something like building a cake
and not a building like a house/structure

My mistake

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Yeah I didn’t explain very well sorry.
Either way I feel a confirmation button should pop up.
I’m now down diamonds I needed…
And I’m guessing if I was to contact support they won’t reimburse me.
Waste of both our times really.

I agree, a confirmation button would be good to have

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Can’t see it taking much work to implement. But I’m not a programmer so I don’t really know.
Surprised it hasn’t been put in place already…

It was put in place on the X10 chests
Because people used to click that by accident
So it can be done

But that was a bit more of an “oh poop” moment

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I had done that twice in the past.
Expensive slip of the finger

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Let’s push for it then if people are in agreement!

I did it again… lucky it was the free gold chest this time… I’d be so annoyed if it wasn’t free…

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