Contest help only pro :)


What is the next contest? Stam scraps or what?


Hopefully it’s dungeon based… :smiling_imp:
Last one ended just before Christmas

Cmon Perblue gods make it happen !!!



(less words)


Given it was stamina and diamonds a fortnight ago.
And shards last week.

This week… Gold and experience.

(If it was gold and experience the other week, replace that with stamina and diamonds…)

Whales contest anyway


I love u bro thanks…


Pixie the bro hmmmmm

also pixie “fortnight” hmmmm


Our guild has been saving and waiting for a dungeon contest! Gold and xp wouldn’t be that bad. PB-Please add top with the diamond stamina contest. Nobody wants to do it, nobody in my guild got further than the progress awards. Thats cause we all felt there was no reason to go further. The rewards sucked also, nonody was excited about that contest at all.