Contest of WHO spend the most


I know per blue are in the business of making money but surely the contest should be a contest.
Yet again there is no contest except to see who jas the biggest bank balance and is prepared to spend the most money.
Be honest and rename it “WHO CAN SEND THE MOST”


Truer words can never be bigger then these.

Where is the game play???
I want to actually earn my rewards by battling, and actually beating the game…

Kill a select group of enemies
Dungeon diving

We need to see those two every 3rd contest or at least on regular cycles

Game is boring the crap out of me lately at the weekends.
Id rather burn 3000 torches then sit Tapping my screen like a pleb wasting valuable resources when already have all heros max gear


You shouldn’t max them all out :joy:
I’m a slacker who only maxes her favorites out, the rest gets equipped over time & while this contest is active…(mostly)

But dungeon contests really are extremely rare :thinking:


Thought I’d do some maths. I play on s8 so neat with figures
Buy 7k diamonds for £42
Use diamonds to buy 650 stam packs, that’s 39k stamina
7k diamonds = 1.4m points
39k stamina = 3.9m points

You only need 2.2m for top progress rewards


Only 39k stamina, easy

Just gonna rob another bank on my way home


Well, you get the stamina back with the progress rewards (at least on Server 4) :wink:


True @Marchioness_Dane
You get some stamina back, but not enough ;(


366 stam packs or there abouts is progress done


Given on S1 and S4, you can get a minimum of 300 stamina packs for $5 , and at least double that once or twice a day, its a bit easier to reach progress rewards.

But then you can’t rank, as people score in the BILLIONS

which is an effing shame as I would have liked the hollow skin pixie and epic shards

I can wait until she’s a portal lords tier