Contest on S9 - 5% in position 41


How is this even possible? There is someone in my guild that is 37 and they are also at 5%


So there are more than 740 players in S9 playing the contest.

I’m struggling to see the problem.


Technically there’s more than 1874 players playing.

If I push on more, I’ll let you know when I reach 50%


I was told its automatic entry, so if everyone past 748 users haven’t been active


Its not a problem as such, but scary there aren’t more active players


It’s not automatic entry.

You have to spend some gold or experience


I think PB need be more transparent with the # of contest participation. You can struggle to see the problems all you want, S9 especially considered to be a “healthy” server and new-ish. 41 @ 5% looks like a problem indeed.


yeah. I was in 19th place in s8 yesterday and top 5%. s8 is doing worse.


That just means, that not everyone wants to participate in an diamond/stamina contest + if my math skills aren’t too rusty, there are still at least 820 players participating :joy:


The ranking tier is also not updated in real time. I haven’t figured out when it updates but I know it usually updates over night.

I’ve had instances where I’ve gained a large quantity of points at night and was still at 50%. Woke up in the morning and I was 5%…


If people are doing their daily quests, then they would be entered automatically when they do Elite or Normal campaigns.

So only 820 doing campaigns?


Yes, IF

There are a lot of players who aren’t even doing their daylies & on the weekends there are even less :sweat_smile:


Most games don’t update ranking in real time, because it will consume a lot more than just updating every minutes

You’ll will be surprised to know how many people doesn’t do campaign most of the time, I have talked to a lot who’s just there to talk to other people and socialise

I kinda get it, because I also stopped touching the merchant shop because it’s a waste of time to buy mostly worthless shards/scraps, only checking it once a week to see how many nuggets I have collected


Hoarding resources and not spending is not really a rocket science. Anyone who plays more than a month figured it out.