Contest points hard to acquire


It would be easier to get more ranks in contest if we had more ways to get points other then just stam. And diamonds.


Stam and diamonds are the big “‘money pull contests” the other contests are a lot more f2p friendly to get 5* progress rewards. This one is made hard intentionally


*This one is made expensive intentionally


Deal with it.RAIN


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duuuh, just save up! I started the last one with 3500 stamina just from collecting all the free 60s. Switched on double elite drops and double gold, kabam! :boom:

I’m thinking by my estimate non payers ought to be able to hit at least tier 3.


Only problem is that non payers need to spend their stamina on the campaign to get gear etcetera. And we gather a lot less 60 stamina items than paying players. Oh, and 3rd tier rewards aren’t realistic to reach for a F2P player. Perhaps after saving up stamina items for 4 months.

I don’t think it’s bad, P2W deserve an advantage, but it’s not realistic for F2P players to compete in this contest or reach high reward tiers.


Oh, I meant with saving both stamina and gems, then you get like 2 of the 10 sets, and spend the remainder on the 120 stam reload.

I was team level 34 the first time I saw one, so already had blue+2 for many, or some ready to go (not using xp outside of that event.) and since that one was impossible, decided to wait, spending only 36 per day for the elite quest until the next time it came up.

Obviously if you just started you’ll have to miss your first most likely… Or even if you’re high leveled if you don’t know about it it’ll creep up on you when you aren’t ready!

I haven’t seen a huge prize on 5th tier yet over 4, it’s usually just shards, and there’s a smaller shard reward below, so no biggie. I got 3rd tier twice, 2nd the first time