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This recent contest is pretty hard to achieve especially for middle rank guild where a mix of spender and non-spender. Why would PQ requires this much progress reward points? 289M for stage 5 progress reward divided by 100 points per item, that will need 2.89M total items needed to achieve. Why not make it 500 points per item like it was usually before? I don’t get it. :sweat:

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Pure greed to get us to spend on deals


This latest contest is pointless. The rewards are not even worth the effort, time and money spent. Sure the top 5 guilds will get through it with all their big spenders but all perblue are doing is widening the gap between top and lower guilds…shame on you perblue!!!


There is discussion along these lines going on down in the feedback section under 4462 stam packs. Feel free to add your contest grumbling there.

To get 3 million scraps and therefore the top progress reward, you’d need to spend about 67,000 stamina packs on 29-10 or whatever is your favorite 6 stamina campaign raid, or 50-52,000 packs on 14-4 or 14-6. Those are not hard at all if your guild is actually active. It’s not counting all the other ways scraps can be obtained such as dungeon, epic and gold chests, trials, merchants. In fact, you could have a whole guild farm dungeon and knock out all 5 progress tiers that way. Replace those inactives, be resourceful and communicate among yourselves, if you want the best rewards.


Last time they did this contest there put trail on x4 that help alot of guild to achieve the contest before … this time there no help even if u spend money on the game u will still struggle … purple orange red gear all 100 points each everyone is to far advance to farm purple gear and red gear cant be accumulator like purple gear so why the same point system… and there wonder why people leave the game and have to merge server…u be lucky if this game last another year

Totally agree the contest is set way to high to achieve, especially when a guild barely got enough stamina to do quests.

If you can’t do it with stamina, do dungeon

If you can’t be bothered, or ‘don’t have time’ for dungeon, stop complaining.

You have a free way to complete this contest… but the free way will never going to be quick or efficient, because it’s… free.

You don’t get free stuff in any games (bar special occasions), and Polaris and Samm have gotta get paid


Yeah this one is insane… and the rewards aren’t really worth it too…
I do spend money on this game and even I can’t get far with it.

Well if u ain’t got stam hopefully PB can do something to make dungeon more play worthy so ppl can def start hitting dungeon more during these contests

Be more consistent in promoting these contests with deals and catered to the contest and bonuses like x4 for trial during scrap events or x3 campaign during scrap and gold/xp and diamond/stam events

32 guilds hit all progress rewards - that’s up to 1280 players! Well, one guild was far from filled. 17 members, only 13 of whom put out meaningful contest points. It really wasn’t hard. None of them scored higher than me and I don’t spend a cent on this game. I don’t view progress rewards as necessary, of course… you could put up a tier that’s quite exclusive and guilds can decide if the rewards are proportionate to the effort.

I agree , we only got to the 2nd tier and we finished top 10%

Don’t worry bout purchasing deals if the contest requirements are too Ludacris to acquire

Hmm only 9 guild hit all 5 tiers of the contest and 4 of them just scrap it

Maybe on a different server. On s1 @Wrish is correct

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