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Ever since DragonSoul (gasp!), players having been asking for the ability to see rank boundaries - e.g. 1% is players 11 thru 33, 5% is 34 thru 98, etc.

Could we add this feature so that we actually have some feedback during contests of where we actually stand?

just make an alt, and spend one alchemy so you have 3000 points. you’ll be ranked very near the bottom of the leader board. this gives a good indication.

top 10% is usually about 280-300
top 5% is about 150-160
top 1% is around 30

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Boundaries would be nice but I’d be much more excited to see a filter on the rankings to see only your own guild members.


Would be cool lol

It’s something we had in DS that people had a little more fun with than the normal rankings.
People sometimes like to compete with friends more than strangers :slight_smile:

Rankings also depends on how many people are playing during contest

I finish contest in top 1%,but I have revards only for top 5 %.This is bug?


Read your inbox.

The message called “Server UI” (I think).

Not a bug.

Did you see,what I write?
My reward not correct,is have to be 10k of dimond,but I recive only 3k.

@Polaris you got a screenshot of the inbox message your team sent out. It appears some people are blind…

You placed in the top 5%. There is a bug that makes it so everyone appears to rank in the top 1%.l, as explained in the message from PB. You were rewarded correctly.

(Sorry can’t help it :joy:)

Did you read my message correctly?


Right - which is why it’d be nice to see the boundaries. They would obviously change during the contest as more players participate. It’d also likely be a nice boon for PB as players might be more likely to spend if they know doing so might push them into a higher prize tier.

That would involve per blue being open and honest about exactly how many active players there are on each server.

I doubt that is something that they want to publicise.

Yes people near the edges can extrapolate the data to make a guesstimate.

A more interesting question to ask would be could we please have the cut off values of the contest scores at each boundary.

That would be an interesting data point to graph over the same contest type per month on each server.

I would love to see that trend.
Server 11 players would be watching it extremely closely to calculate the time that they get the rocket boost up to server 8 (B?)

I’d also love to see the profit figures on how many deals are bought.
And maybe the top spenders still active could have more free gifts.

I’d love a PQ t-shirt, to be faiiiir.
I’d probably stop asking questions for that.
Ooh and a repeating subscription to the monthly diamond deals.
Aaaannnndddd an #AltAmnesty for server 1.

Please :slight_smile:

I’ll never return to the forums again, while it’s active. Promise!

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NO you will get NOthing you’ve requested and continue to continue playing or else…something

You couldn’t stay away, and they know that… :grin:

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