Contest ranking confusion: #26 in contest = 5%?


Server 8 - Dungeon Contest

I’m at #26 and my current rank is top 5%? Is this a mistake or real? I checked when I was ranking 22 I was at top 1% and after few rank drop I’m now at 5%… unless there are very few participation, I don’t understand the ranking calculation.

Can anyone explain please? Thank you.


Many reasons
1st. Just a visual bug
2nd. The ranking/contest doesn’t refresh every second, it takes some time before the contest refreshes to show current rank
3rd. Could be not many participations, the server is dying tbh


I mean, there has to be a cutoff somewhere.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that there are 2300 people competing. Your rank 22 would put you in the top 1%, but if you were to drop to rank 26 then you’d be just outside it - top 5%.


Thank you Oasis & Turtle.

I’m guessing few participations… :frowning: gutted