Contest ranking

Would it be possible to show your actual posisition in the contest rather than top 5% or top 10% etc the first ten places are listed and although we are currently rank 13 we are only top 10% …it would help to see what is needed to get higher

It’s called rankings tab you find it when u check out contest. Its 4 tabs at the bottom saying
scoring RANKINGS progress rewards and reward rankings… RANKINGS IS WHAT SHOWS YOU WHERE YOU STAND WITH IN THE TOP 200 any lower and yea you can tell your place but you cant view it

Thanks for the prompt reply, however …I am aware of the tabs you mentioned my point was that we show 13th but at 10 %… how many more points do we need to get to top ten list or the top 5% if it said you are 147 for instance

Or am I mixing up with rank rewards which shows 10% if yes then this is what I would like reviewing

Given your predicament, there are less than 200 guilds playing.

Therefore you can click on the rankings screen and scroll down to the bottom of it

That will give you the total number of guilds in the contest.

Your guild / total guild * 100 = your % place

Then you can work out the other percentage places from that too.
Which would give you your target.

Orrrrrrrrr… Push for top ten.

There’s a pretty picture to help.
The targets are listed there…

Thanks Pixie…I have been pushing for top 5% never mind top ten ! It would just be easier if it said you are ‘x’ amount of points from whoever you want to get

Their points - your current points = target :wink:


Thank you :pray:

That would involve constant refreshing of contest points, as they changed.

I would deem that a waste of bandwidth.

Thanks I will persevere with things…just finally, How do I subtract my points from 5%? As idols not give a lower points figure for 5%

It does not*. Note to self…must read before posting

My understanding is there’s a display bug.

The real time rankings are based upon all ranked guilds but the top X% awards are based upon all ranked guilds not in the top 10. I suspect that the 13th place guild did, in fact, receive top 5% rewards.

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