Contest rewards wrong? 100 per purple scrap


75000 purple scrap for event to get 7.5 mil points? Am I reading this right?


Yes because it’s a guild contest not individual so points a lot higher to get contents


Trust me, with everyone in the guild it’s very doable. A single high-spender could get 10s of millions of points by themselves.


Too easy…
Campaign 14.4 for beestaff and other purple item with x4 purple perk
Campaign 14.7 other Purples and nuggets… With x4 perk
Last solo scrap collector contest score was 6.3m per player

It’s too easy for 40 players to achieve progress rewards. But that’s OK because it’s basically free rewards if each player adds a marginal score


Trust me
This is the easiest set of progress rewards to get.

Usually I collect the five tiers before I even start raiding, lol.


Just saying


I single handedly got mt guild the first 4 progress rewards in 5 minutes…then I stopped just to make sure other people had a reason to it is a piece of cake k cant believe people are complaining


but are you as skilled as me… 3 sets of the cog tier rewards :innocent::kissing_heart:

When you know you know
And if you don’t… You’ll never find out :joy::joy: