Contest Rewards?


Honestly what is going on, rewards just hit a new low point, leaving us with shards and epic gears for 4 heroes that everyone just doing minimal dungeon would have levelled up 100 times if needed on servers that’s been running for more than 350 days (S4) and 550 days (S1). I know it’s free and so on and so on, but honestly no need to take the piss on people, this is just pure bullshit :confused:


I completely agree that these are ridiculous rewards. All four of those are some of the easiest to obtain and level up. I’m very disappointed with this contest. There are plenty of newer toons that we actually need shards and gear for right now.



Indeed. The last 2 tiers for progress rewards are really bad… Its the holidays season, we all know you can be more generous perblue :wink: Its True that you cant please everyone but those rewards are way too easy to get to be prizes in the contest imo :confused: Im sure @Polaris can agree with us :nerd_face:


Besides the fact that we should have a gold & xp contest over this weekend, which could have be done quickly at least for progress rewards, this contest is a bad joke in my opinion.
Who even wants the progress rewards after Tier 3, or these rank rewards between 1-10?
Right before Christmas I need my time for other things, but not this :unamused:


No we’ve been waiting for this dungeon contest for the last 5 contests… There have been 2 portal lords since we had one like this…

The rewards… Are pretty much junk though.
Pony bits and shards… Not really needed by 90% of any server

There should be essences in there somewhere too


I guess if per blue are on holiday from today…
They don’t want us getting all pissy if the contest goes a bit floopy.
Them giving us terrible rewards (in comparison to the recent ones) could be their way of ensuring we don’t care enough to submit lots of tickets about it…


Well yeah, we didn’t get a dungeon contest for a long time, but it’s the worst timing to actually get it now :joy:
& at least I won’t put any effort into this one…
After Tier 3 I couldn’t care less :poop:


That does make sense tbh… How long is the Perblue holiday?? Back for the 27th?? Or off till January :thinking:


I submitted a ticket yesterday, pulling a fast one :joy:
They didn’t reply though…


I’ll be doing what I can… I want % rewards for the vials/potions… But then again I have 996 torches and not about to waste them for these rewards :joy:


I have like 3k more to waste, but not on this :joy:
Reaching Tier 3 isn’t that hard, just need to do my daylies on the weekend…


One run in epic dungeon will complete the tiers for me…
Mass stone and squire will benefit from that :sunglasses:


Oh good, so I don’t have to bust my back in the game this week…

Like I needed another reason to skip playing this PQ, lol. This could lead to the brink of uninstalling finally, I mean, I’ve been struggling to keep an interest in this game after all since Red rank was introduced.

Google says this game is #3 for free games, and then you see this kinda thing… cheapskates…


Mass & Stone & Ginger and so on :joy: before I even think about throwing them into epic dungeon they need to be lvled, skilled and geared :joy::joy::joy: neglecting unloved heroes is my forte…


Gotta love those weakling heros… They surprised me with their Epics tbh… All 3 work remarkably well against the arena lines in challenger now.
Super control lines are on the up!!


I just started epic epic with one group of my meta heroes & don’t wanna waste the 50 keys :joy:
So Ginger & co have to wait a bit longer…


It’s good fun in Epic if you muck about with unusual lines
I never take a healer just to make it a challenge. Never pair swash and squire upfront though cause they suck together :joy::joy:


I’d never have the guts to go without a healer :joy:


I get the feeling that Per Blue recognized the ‘pinch points’ they had created with purple gear and decided that the new ‘pinch points’ would now be on Wandering Sword, Forgotten Champion, all the Phoenixes, and a few other Epic Heroes. I cashed in 70 gold chests just looking for Wandering Sword (the Hero who was a rip off of ‘Coco’ and Day of the Dead Characters) and ended up with 7 Hero Shards. So I uninstalled my game this morning (after playing for 537 days straight—they’ve only been in existence for 550 days) so I can ponder if this is the way I want my game to be manipulated.