Contest Rewards?


According to the gold chest odds (which are listed for all to see), you have about a 73% chance to not get a specific full hero from gold chests. I don’t know what to tell you.


Erm… I’m 596 days old.

Suey is 41 days older than me…

Game is therefore at least 637 days old

NOOB! :wink:


You got to try it!!! No heal runs are the best of fun… Hunting that major heal well is your only hope sometimes

Love running a pure wild line like that… Some days make it 23 floors others hit the 40th but it’s the mystery that keeps epic interesting…

I don’t want to fly through get bored and not go back. I need a challenge and that’s a good way to make it so :sunglasses:


Dude… I used 850 finesse chests… 900 gold chests and still didn’t max turtles epic…

I’m still playing though cause ehhhh it’s fricking PQ and the game kicks ass more then most for time consuming enjoyment

You’ll be better off taking this advice
New hero… 2 months time you’ll have them finished. 1st month of release is whale time… 2nd month is moderate spenders time… 3rd month is where the hero ends up shop worthy and eligible for all to earn at reasonable costs

Save stuff!!! And use it later for better paydays


I can imagine it vividly :joy: