Contest scoring system

Is it normal that S1 – S11 have the same scoring system in Gold XP contest.
1 gold = 1 point for all
However there’s a scale of 10 between them, for example at diamond shop ;
1.5 M for 150 diamonds at S11
15 M for the same amount of 150 diamonds at S1
Also opened chapters in S1 gives at least 5x gold than those available for S11
The same thing goes for trials, fortresses etc … one fight gives 4M+ for a player lv230 at S1, but few hundred at S11 for maxed players lv145 … and won’t speak about low level or new players on S11 … That is simply unfair !
When Ressources are 5x to 12x … Contest’s scoring should follow !
I think when 5 :star2: is something around 400M at S1 it should never ecxeeds 50M at S11.
So please you are making it impossible for begginers :thinking:


If you compare, 5x to 12x is 2.4 x the amount (5x2.4=12). 400:2.4=166,66667. I don‘t understand why that should be capped so low, or did I misunderstand something?

Edit: by the way, it took forever for me to be able to get 5th step in contest when I started. Don‘t know why it should be easier for the ones starting now. And I wasn‘t on server 1 in the beginning, it merged with my server, just so you know :wink:

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ressources in S1 are sometimes 5x to 12x than S11
It is 5x min at campaigns
10x at the shop for the same diamonds
8x or even more+ at forteress and honor tirals
A maxed player lv230 on S1 gets 4M+ per fight in fortress , and a maxed one on S11 lv140-145 gets something like 0.5M

Indeed a player from S11 has to spend 10x diamonds to get the same gold.!
this is from S11
Confirm that on S1 you get 75 M for the same amount
So the scale is far away from 2.x
When I said 5 to 12x I meant that average Ressources on S1 are like 8 times more than those on S11 … they why asking players to spend all that amount ?

@Pixie_Mici ? What do u think is it a fair contest between servers ?

As @Count_Blue_IV said, it was like this for me too (s5 origin). Contests were stupidly tough, but as I started to grow and was helped to vip4 things got easier, the rewards came in faster, things got even easier, etc…

I am pretty sure it’s always been the way. But yes, for new players contest don’t exist for rewards

If you compare the amount that you need to reach the targets on the different servers, you’ll see that they are very different between S1 and s11.

The diamond shop economies are different , but appropriate for the max level of the server.

You aren’t competing with players on S1.
You are competing on a level playing field with other players on s11.

You talk about the massive difference in gold available to you…
The amount of gold needed to level up skills at 230 is massively different too.

Finding a balance of progress levels across servers is tricky.
I have never played S10 or s11, so I am not really appropriately experienced to comment on your progress level amounts.


It’s true that the amount of gold/XP is different between s1 and a11 (almost the double) to be exact for this contest 5* needs ; 444 M on S1 and 191 M on S11
But Ressources available for a maxed player at each server are not that much.
To do that players have to buy or collect gold/XP.
buying at diamond shop on s1 ; 30M gold or 27M XP for 300D an s1 player can finish it by spending 4.4 k diamonds to get the 444M
Hower on S11 you can get 1M XP or 3M for the same amount of 300D, so to get the cap of 191M we have to spend between 19k to 60k diamonds !!!
Best other way to get XP is the honor trial , also on S11 a maaaaaxed player can get something like 0.5 to 0.7M per fight however on s1 he can get 4M+

I don’t say that Ressources are not fair , but Ressources available for the same quest are.
Cap of the quests should be reduced more, the half cap is still too high it should be devided by 6 at least !
If it’s something around 400 M on S1 it should be 55M on S11 not 190M

@Polaris how do you calculate the Contest’s score ? Is it based on ressources , last campaign raiding, trials ???