Contest Shining bright! Worst contest ever


This contest ends in 21 hours and that couldn’t be soon enough. I have 186 thousand points. I have spent stamina like crazy and there hasn’t been a thing to spend diamonds on

I should have just left my stamina for another time because this contest was worthless.

I was hoping to end the contest ranked about 1300 but it looks like I’m going to be ranked about 2,000.

This is a contest for paying customers and it’s absolute garbage.


I’ve been around a while and this definitely isn’t the worst contest ever. Trust me. Rewards are decent. Tier levels achievable. Rank rewards are pretty typical. I rarely go after them anymore, because I don’t feel like the cost is worth the benefit.

As far as it being for spending customers only, well, that’s mostly true, but saving up stamina specifically to use for these contests should help even non spenders get some reward from it. And given that they cycle the same 3 contests repeatedly (some may say 4) I’m not sure why this one in particular stands out.


I won’t be spending my hard earned stamina on a freebie again…


I always save my stamina and diamonds, and gold and experience for the contests.

But I only get the progress rewards.

I never used to bother because the rewards were terrible.
I’m free to play on servers four and nine.

Trust me when I say that the rewards are so much better than they used to be.


If using only stamina… 355 packs gets the rewards down and it just so happens you earn those packs back for the 5 rewards

Technically this is a free gift package to all of pq who has those initial 355 packs :wink:


What an asinine figure. 75 gets you no closer than 1/6 way there to the first level?
That’s asinine I’ll just save them.


I’m struggling to see the extremely stupid thing about an arbitrary number chosen by the developers.

The fact that even without spending, you could stock pile, use reserves now and still end up with more than you started with…
That’s refreshing in mobile game playing.

Oh… Wait…
I see the extremely stupid thing now.
I honestly can’t understand not taking part in this contest


When I started, burning “some” Stam and a “few” diamonds, I was relatively well up ( above 25% )…today “aaahhh” down the hole I fell! Maybe I’m on a Sea World server :wink:


Oh gosh yes.
Never try and get ranked unless you’re a whale.
Just get the progress rewards


The bigger picture was that you get all the stamina back, plus the rewards


For me the BIGGER, bigger picture, is you don’t get the MONEY back, that you SPENT to get all that stanima.
It wouldn’t matter if I normally did buy 400 stamina packs, but I don’t.


I used over a hundred stamina packs and I never made it to the First progress level. The only way to get there was to have 375 stamina saved up or buy something, oh, that’s just to get to the First progress level?
To me, that’s like saving all of your life to finally afford a car and you get a Yugo?


I’m not going to show you the math.
It takes 355 stamina packs To clear the whole contest.

Oh okay.
Math time.
Without spending any diamonds.

355 stamina packs.
60 stamina per pack.
100 points per stamina used.

That’s 2,130,000 points.

What’s the rankings again???

Oh look.

There’s 375 stamina packs in those rewards.
And all that other free stuff…

Tell me again how this isn’t an amazing thing?



100 stamina packs.
60 stamina per pack.
100 points per stamina used.

Is 600,000.

First progress mark is 320,000.

I call b.s.

And that’s if you don’t spend any diamonds on
Alchemy daily
Stamina top up
Nuggets in shops
Skill point consumables

At 200 points per diamond, that soon adds up


You’re on server nine aren’t you?

Yeah rewards aren’t as good there…

Tier levels were the same though… :wink:


Oh wow they are vastly different… Understandable though I do recall the way all contests used to pan out on s1… Some right dodgy rewards around back then :grin:


Well I made it to the first level rewards, but than being new and on 9 355 Stam would be a bit much for me :smile: Should I open those chests right away or will there be an upcoming contest I should save them for? Also would you recommend using the free VIP privileges I got as a game welcome gift straight off or is therr any contest benefit in hoarding them? Thanks all.


There’s a scrap collection contest every now and then.
Opening them then will help.
But it’s not essential

If you are spending money, or doing fyber offers to reach VIP 5 then I would save them and sell them when you get there.
Otherwise, use them on the daily sign in VIP 5 day to get double rewards.
Use the time in the VIP chat to make friends with people from high guilds that don’t speak in global.
A foot in a door at a top guild is always good.

Orrr… Friend me? I lead transcendence.


I think the biggest point here is: make the calculations before using your resources. If the prize isn’t worth it, don’t do it.

But yeah, it’s not fair that you don’t even get your packs back that you spent. Progressive prizes are supposed to be “easy” to get.


Thanks for the advice Pixie. I was thinking of opening the chests on the hope I might add another hero to my line up the sooner, but if the VIP 5 might gain a shot at a chest with chance for hero drop it may be the better option. Guild chat might be good for me to get further advice, but I wouldn’t want to promise to join since I would only be luggage until I wouldn’t.