Contest Shining bright! Worst contest ever


It’s a trade-off.
Want the hero sooner?
Open them up.
There’ll be other contests and rewards.

To get the most bang for your buck, the min max way would be wait.
But everyone should play the game however they want.

I had a total power of 600k at the start of November .
I have a total power of 2.2 million now.
That’s all thanks to three people
@Cottontail for teaching me well the benefits of stockpile and splurge.

And two lovely generous people (that shall remain nameless in public forum , but thank you again ) that sent me a $20 stacked deal each , apropos of nothing.

It’s amazing how much difference that made.
I guess the server merges helped a little :wink:
Waiting to get the most will get you further , faster. But the game is about fun too.



I’ve seen worse contests. Especially on their other games. Dragonsoul and Disney Heroes anyone?