Contest to hard

I think that the contest currently has not good enough rewards for the amount of Stam and diamonds required to get it

I haven’t even got to first rewards yet

You’ve only used 750 stamina packs…

Chasing contests like dog chasing car…see paralell

You’ve spent 750 stam packs…

You need 6364 for final tier. Best of luck :grin:

Grammar police are also hot on your tail

Then don’t participate, other people will gladly take your spot for the rewards

I’d rather they try and do it and get into the rankings… then it boosts the people who have done the contests rank

Progress rewards should be obtainable by even the casual gamer. Even casual ftp gamer.

Rank rewards should be for the hoarders, whales, Fungeoneers, OCD, and possibly all mixed into one.

The scoring for this contest is quite rude, and stopping casuals/ftp/lil bit of both/light spenders from advancing… Ultimately slowing down PVP/GuildVsGuild competitiveness.



Scoring for all of these contests has been rising disproportionately to the availability of resources for the casuals / low spenders like me :frowning:

Slow it down please, per blue.
I might just collect the rewards on one account.

The other three?
I haven’t even started yet.


I would suggest something of a poll if some think you are only voicing a minority view. Btw what are fungeoneers :wink:

I agree :point_up:

Dont see how one thinks “hmm just woken up. Screw war, i wanna sink my teeth into some dungeon”

Each to there own, I guess. Sorry Cotton

Think I say this every contest, but…

There’s just been a cap raise. So naturally you want to gear or promote your heroes, right?

Whilst you’re promoting or gearing your heroes, you’re also getting free rewards! It’s great for me! And all the others promoting heroes!

So when you work on heroes (either on gear or on level and skills), coincide it with its relevant contest

Free stuff for working on your heroes!


But it used to be that it took 330 stamina packs to get progress rewards.

I’m not saying that value shouldn’t go up.
Heck we are playing an incremental game here lol

I’m saying that it now takes thousands and thousands of stamina packs.

I didn’t see the available resources going up by the same factor , in the same period of time.

Prove me wrong?

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Could not possibly agree with this more.
If the bars are going to stay high at least include stam as progress rewards. It will make no difference to those of us who spend but a huge difference to the folks who are struggling to keep up. Which is more and more players as the rarities increase.

It’s free stuff for promotions you’re already doing but if you’re sticking to a top 20 (as many FTP folks are) that’s not nearly enough farming to clear these progress bars.

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As a completely ftp player and being there from beginning of this game, this is the most ridiculous month of contests ever. I have accumulated 2300 Stam packs over last few years and even if this was a guild one with the half guild that I’m in it is impossible yet! I guess they really need :moneybag:. At least they should have give some Stam pack back, right? But nooooo, you should pay for them…

I’m completely f2p. Never spent a single buck. Contests have never really been a problem until the past month, where they’ve become a nuisance sometimes

You clearly don’t know how to be a free player if that’s how much you’ve accumulated in years.

I get probably 5k a month simply from the diamond shop.

I think there are different grades of f2p. Just as there are different grades of p2w.
Ranging from casual to hardcore.
So I think it is kinda silly to say someone doesn’t know how to be a free 2 play player…don’t you think?


No not at all. I’m on maybe 15 minutes total throughout the day. Randomly getting on for a minute or two to do fortress or war. Not sure how much more casual it is then that.

Either you are strategic or your not. Being casual doesn’t come into play.

I would love to get that casual man I need at least 1 hour a day to do all. Everyone has its own style so yes there are different styles of f2p

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