Continual crahincrashing of app


When are perblue going to fix whatever bug it is that causes the app to close when an attack is being made in war or arena or tournament. They have known about it for some time but we , the paying customers, are ignored when it is reported. It is annoying and costly. When it happens in war it is recorded as a flee, frequently a red flee which can contribute to losing a war.


Force close and reload before you do war hits is best practice until a fix is released

Tournament… Well it sucks because you lose a fight and now have to wait for another to regen

Dungeon… You lose nothing with the reload

Fortress… If it crashes your heros should return and be usable once more after 15 minutes elapse. If they don’t return that’s very unfortunate

Not a lot you can do until a fix is out there


Isn’t it up to the people supplying defective goods to fix it


Since it’s not happening to everyone (possibly not even a high percentage of players) I’d imagine it’s pretty difficult to pin down exactly what the issue actually is.

They’d need quite a bit of data they probably don’t have reliably. Device, OS, Modes crashing, Wifi or data and that’s just off the top of my head.
Some of the reports are probably just playing on unreliable signal which tarnishes the data.


I dont know about other servers but it is happening all over s8


This is a record od conversation on leaders forum. Perhaps Polaris can ecplain wjat was serious enougj to get me ejected with no warning


Here’s some details that can help us:

  • How soon was the client opened after the last content update?
  • Does the user’s phone have any software that automatically cleans up junk?
  • Has the user reinstalled the game at any point?
  • Have they had any other fight’s before the fight that crashes?
  • Was the fight on the second wave in the defensive lineup when it crashed?


We have been complaining about this for months on s8. Numerous tickets have been raised. It happens on diferrnt makes of devices and all platforms



@OhRlyeh in fine form there.

I approve :wink:


It’s not as simple as "if it’s multiple devices, it’s happening game-side"
The same argument could be made by saying since it’s not all devices it can’t be happening game-side.

It’s insanely frustrating. That’s clear to everyone.
People who are frustrated are prone to imagining that the solution is simple because they want very badly for it be simple but clearly it’s not.
It’s got to be something about those specific users and how their devices / OS / connection are mixing with that of PQ. There is absolutely no way that sorting that out is simple.

The more tickets submitted, the more data they have to work with. Sadly a lot of people choose not to send in tickets and instead choose to post complaints in public chats where no one can help them.




Like Reveille explained, it’s not that simple to determine the cause of the crashes…
What you can do is taking precautions like: always restarting the app before an attack,
cleaning your cache regulary, checking on your RAM, not switching between apps during an attack, is your antivirus app compatible with the app and so on…
Want to record your attacks in war? Always start the recording before you attack & stop it after you claimed your reward…

If nothing helps, send a ticket!


Is it hsppening on all servers. And how many tickets do you need . As response from O’rlyeh some time ago was “it’ll be fixed when it’s fixed” confidence in system is rather low


Smart move @OhRlyeh :joy:

Well, I don’t have any problems since I do this…


In the immortal words of Mr bull from Peppa pig…

“It will take as long as it takes”



Thank you Polaris. If we hsd been given that before it might have helped. I appreciate that a bug can be hard to pin down but admitting it exists helps. So now we tell everyone to send a ticket when it happens


ALL of them
The only way to know what they all have in common is for them all to be reported


Ticket count going up by one.
Pesky red flee on the keep :frowning:


Add another to that.not my keep hit… Wasn’t going to win the war but still disheartening to see it happen so late in the battle …