Continue to have errors when equipping

It’s been touch and go all day. I’ll raid for shards to get equipment (currently levelling on S9), even using AutoCraft and I was well along and at some point I started to get error messages. It seems to start when the toons all got to 125, trying to fill in the last 1-3 slots of their equipment.

At the same time, skills were also being maxed out. Went through roughly 120 M gold and 120 M Hero XP. Focused on the higher priority toons. Came back in a little later in the day to finish up the remaining toons and when I started leafing through the skills tab I noticed that the toons I maxed out were back to 120 for their skills. The kicker was my gold was still depleted and not reverted to reflect the same state. I had to consume another 100 M to get things topped out again.

My concern is that I take all this time to level up everything and then having to redo everything again. While that’s frustrating on it own, to not revert all the resources to the same state is unacceptable.

I haven’t seen any mention of this issue in the forums yet but there are a number of members in my guild that are experiencing the same issue.

Since this is an already reported bug, you should just hold off with further equipping & skilling until the next patch notes/server update where the bug fix will be stated :wink:

Error messages:

I never bothered to contact support about error messages, so I wouldn’t know if they can give your resources back
(you can contact support about this, maybe @Samm is able to help you )

Thanks @Marchioness_Dane
You got me covered once again.

I’ll sit tight, and watch the world pass me by… :wink:

In the end, I can’t do more than to give you some advice…

Let’s hope that this will be taken care of soon :smirk:

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