Cosmetic red dot

There is a red dot on Cosmetics - Sets even thou there are no visible items in any of the categories.

I have opened every tab to look for the new item but nothing new there. It started after the last portal lords.

Would anyone have a clue as to where this new item could be?

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You actually have to go into the set to make it go away
Find the correct set, expand it so you can see all the contributing sub sets, then touch the item causing the dot.

It’s pretty annoying. I keep thinking I’m done and then having to go digging for the one I’ve missed.
But it does go away when you find them all.

I have clicked on every item under sets like you suggested. I can only assume it’s one of the numerous ones that are currently not available.

Same thing happened to me … you can submit a ticket, but so far there isn’t anything that they can do

Submitting tickets only help if there is someone actually looking at their bugs

Given how many updates have bug fixes listed, I’m pretty sure that people are looking at them…

If all the things in the collections have been selected to remove their red dot then I’m guessing the red dot is from the reward section for the various collections. Some of them give Epic Gear Shards which could put a dot on them

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Ok, assuming this is correct, is there a way to select the relevant epic gear?

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You can select it but it won’t make the dot go away, you’d have to complete the collection and when the rewards are given out the dot would disappear. Same way the dot on the merchant stays red when there’s an item in it you need. It goes away when the item is no longer there.

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Found it. The Grizz is the only left.

Cosmetics for a couple weeks I didn’t really understand it until I read some more I guess and yeah I knew it was of stuff I gotten along the way but I just I didn’t really realize stuff you know I thought it was stuff you guys gave way it’s actually stuff I need to obtain as well

Maybe it’s different for some than others but even if I need an item /scrap I do not have a red dot on the main closet icon on the game map. I only get That dot if I have a new cosmetic piece that I haven’t clicked on yet.
When I go inside the sets, I can see a red dot on the rewards that I need but it’s not visible otherwise.

Same here.
Apparently there is a bug, possibly regarding items that aren’t listed in the shop yet?

I’m making that bit up, but it makes sense to me.
If you go through and click on all your cosmetics the dot should go.

For some people, it isn’t.

They missed one. (They swear they haven’t).
They have a cosmetic that isn’t there to click.

Given its listed as a bug fix for this update, I’m guessing option 2.

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