Cosmetics guide


Could someone kindly explain how you collect the items required to fill the cosmetics cupboard, I thought at first you just had to complete the elite levels but that did not work, thanks in advance


Chests, deals, rewards… You don’t grind them :slight_smile:


There was a tutorial


Thanks for the prompt replies, but what does this mean?


After completion, you’ll be able to raid those chapters 4 times, instead of 3


That’s the reward you get for completing the set. You could raid elite nodes in those chapters 4 times instead of 3


Youd have to buy particular chests. Participate in PL … buy deals… its really not worth it… cosmetics the last thing I worry about. I can raid elite 4x instead of 3x its it’s not really that grand of a deal compared to all the other things that need to be worked on…


There is information about cosmetics in the patch notes too!


Could perblue turn off the red dot on cosmo? Theres nothing for me to do in there


Have you looked at all the sets?
It’s a lot of clicks.
Especially for five accounts.
But the dot goes away.