Cosmetics: March 6th - 10th

Please reference the number beside the question in your response.

  1. Which type of Cosmetic is your favorite (Chat Stamps, Portrait Border, or Hero Skins)?

  2. Are there any themes you wish were added to Portal Quest’s Cosmetics (Mechs, Pirates, Super Heroes, etc.)?


Mo skins.

Mokini. Santa Mo. More Mo Skins!

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  1. the word stamps like ‘gg’ and ‘gr8’ and ‘btw’ etc are great

borders are fine.

skins… I’ve mentioned this before. give everyone skins before giving @WizarteroX what he wants. sorry wiz, priorities buddy :wink:

skins are also defo the best

  1. :man_shrugging:

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  1. Which type of Cosmetic is your favorite (Chat Stamps, Portrait Border, or Hero Skins)?
    Skins no question. Stamps would be a bigger deal for me if they keyword popped like stickers do in Line :slight_smile:

  2. Are there any themes you wish were added to Portal Quest’s Cosmetics (Mechs, Pirates, Super Heroes, etc.)?
    I actually like having a weird mix of themes available so I guess more of whatever we don’t have a bunch of already.

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  1. Skins. All the other stuff I hardly use. Unless you rework borders and colours to have new ns improved perks.

  2. I prefer the eclectic mix that we have, rather than making themes of heroes.
    Unless having themes of heroes together increases their skin bonuses due to synergy.

But that adds a whole other layer of pay to win

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  1. Skins

  2. :thinking::thinking::thinking: summer is coming here in the US… maybe beach/surf theme?

  1. Hero skins that add bonuses. Additional varying bonuses would help too. Say adding a +1% honor damage type stat increase, or a +1% honor defense type stat increase.

  2. Gaming themes. Characters from other games.
    Greek/Norse mythology.
    Television show characters.
    Modern pop culture (memes, gifs, internet)

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  1. Add skins that will boost aspect, strength and bonus during battles. Offer more skins in guild shops to purchase with gold earned in game
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Same as everyone else above…

  1. All are good but in order: skins, stamps, border

I like all that we have now.
Definitely boost aspect, strength, bonuses Also have like one or two more skins available in merchant shop for each tab for gold or diamonds

Just make them better when it comes to fighting war arena

An amendment/addition to my first answer

  1. skins are definitely my favorite cosmetic but only for adding a little visual variety to the game. It’s nice that not every team looks identical.
    Having said that I Hate that skins have stat bonuses attached. They are minor so I don’t worry about them much but if they were to continue to get more game affecting then it would ruin them. Once again you’d have folks with identical teams forced to equip skins whether they like them or not because to not equip them would be a handicap.
    When I was shopping for a game to bring my group to I had it narrowed down to PQ and one other. PQ won out because I found out the other had stat bonuses attached to cosmetics and at the time PQ did not.

Yay, p2w, for the win!

Could be copyright issues involved with that?

1… Word stickers…

2… Years and still no " hotdog" sticker? Shame on you guys… It would also be nice to a "laughing till tears come out my eyes " and a"clown " sticker…

  1. skins
  2. I’m obsessed with the tie dyed skins I’d love to see a whole set.

An opinion on costmetics…

During the Portal Lords, or anytime theres a chat stamp available for reward or purchase, would it be possible to somehow include in the description if the stamp belongs to a cosmetic group. Im tired of choosing a chat stamp reward in portsl lords just to find out that it doesn’t belong to a cosmetic group. I dont mind choosing stamps for rewards if they count towards the cosmetics group, but thats the only reason i choose them. To complete the set.

1.Skin’s for me.
2. Party outfit, Robots, Soldiers or Uniforms in different color settings.

Complete Set and combo bonuses are welcome. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

1 I like colors and skins, not so much the stamps.
2 Different themes would be nice, as long as they add a bonus to the toon.