Cosmetics skills


Cosmetics being used to force players into spending time get them is a blatant cash grab
Wardrobe should stay free to earn with game play not by buying exclusive chests
Cosmetics should have no effect on a heros skill sets
You will lose half of the player base with dumb ideas like this


Most non-hollow cosmetics were rewarded through PL anyway.


Oh good the update brought us just what we needed…more blurble :wink::rofl::joy:


oh no I get 1% more
It will change the whole game

oh no my border gives 5% more gold


just no dude


Considering you copy and pasted my words from the patch notes… I don’t approve of this plagiarism :rofl::rofl:


Nah you copied him :slight_smile:
Because the chance he wrote that by himself is 0,0001%


:rofl: I’m an elephant… Never forget my own words spotted them a mile away… Cheeky devil right??


It seems relatively inoffensive considering how most players have PL skins and skins can be obtained from the soon-to-be-rewarded cosmetics chests (and perhaps a new guild shop section). As I see it, the only iffy part of this thing is the blue skill cooldown.


What I hate most about it was that perblue felt the need to also add in text taglines and colors with your border and color choices. Now I cant choose to equip a specific border and color for it without having the same annoying tagline pop up everytime I type something in a chat, and then adding a random word in front of my name that’s colored… makes for a super annoying chat experience. Way to go.

Also, cosmetics and stamps and borders… should be just that. Nothing else to them. Not sure how these are good ideas. I like getting rewards for completing a collection, but getting bonuses for wearing certain cosmetics is stupid.


I am confused how to play in cosmetics


Arrr I rather like the pirate me hearties! :heartpulse:


You’ll get used to it. Meow!


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You’re welcome :grin:


Does that make me the OG turtle?
Orrrrrrrrr… Turtle the new Mici.

Is epic the new new Mici?
Am I the ancient epic?


But most of the posts I visit is people replying to old topics

I just looked at your profile and then your replies
Most of your comments is about how you don’t like PerBlue doing things

So you say I don’t contribute :slight_smile:

Perhaps you accidently looked in the mirror when you made that post :wink:


No, I know you very well turtle, and you’re right, I do comment about how i i don’t like how per blue does certain things… it’s called feedback… on the portal quest forums that were made for feedback… yikes. Weird concept


Stop hating fun


I love fun. Dont like when you guys do silly little things like the added text for taglines which renders the border tolerable for all of 10 seconds in chat.
Not many people wanr to say something and then have it end with Ho ho ho… every sentence, or that is a lie. As far as I can tell, I’m def not the only one. I’m also not the only one that hates adding stuff to war and everything based on what skins you’re using. Why not work on the actual problems with the game instead of doing more stuff that is making this game almost unbearable. Cant even get you guys to respond to support tickets in a timely manner.