Cosmetics skills


Chicken Nugget, interesting name

But how many Support Devs, do you think they have on PQ?
Actually serious question.


If the game is unbearable, you should go find another game that you enjoy.


If you wanna refund all the money I’ve spent on it, sure. Otherwise I’ll stick around and wait for you guys to fix the problem, cuz I ain’t it, the tweaks you guys keep making are.


You, then are the master of your own suffering.


I’ve gotten responses in the past to support tickets from almost every single dev that’s in dev chat, so I would assume at least that many.


Are you sure?
In the past, is that almost 2 years ago?

Btw perhaps go check the Dev list, who does what


Yes ohrlyeh. I am. Because I dont walk away too easy from something I’ve spent so much time and money on. So I’d like to stick around through the bad times and hope theres a silver lining somewhere. Regardless of your disdain for me.



Back on topic please. This thread is for discussing Cosmetic skills. Cheers.


Just stop dude, don’t push it Chicken

I like Cosmetic skills :slight_smile:


Turtle, why dont you not worry about my support tickets? Seriously. I dont need your help. I sent them to the support system and will wait for their replies. My comment is in regards to support tickets stacking up in the past two weeks. I had an open ticket that noone even read for a week.


Sorry .polaris

I dont like the cosmetic skills .

I like the cosmetics, I like the chests, I like the bonuses for collecting sets of stuff. But I dont like the added bonuses for wearing them.


I have been playing this game since it started
I have seen the progress and most things that have happened

Every ticket that isn’t BS will be answered at some point
Just wait, even if it takes some time

Cosmetic bonuses is good, nothing game changing ,so why people mad about it hmmmmm, plus i look cool saying arhh with red text


^ that is a lie


What part?

First or second or third?


Someone mentioned that the cosmetic chests give shards if the skin is already present. Thats not working correctly. I don’t have skins for two of these:


They meant to say that you get (random) shards if you already have the cosmetic.



Satinderk WeirdChamp


Are you calling me retarded?


You’re calling yourself that

Pepega is an emote :slight_smile:
You can guess the rest self

Btw nice google, but first result doesn’t have the real meaning