Cost of Crafting

Does anyone else think the price of crafting for the last couple red levels has become exorbitant? I have hundreds or thousand of shards ready to fully equip my heroes and I use a double gold item every time I do any significant raiding, but I cannot get enough gold to craft. This may be on purpose, but it seems to me that the disparity is disproportionate.

Is it unreasonable to expect resources to come at a similar flow to upgrade heroes?


And I realize this has been mentioned, but I feel it deserves a focused discussion.

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You have 2 options available. You either spend money or you sell your unwanted/unneeded items to raise the gold.


Orrrrrrrrr a third option.

Join us in our crusade crusade.

Dear per blue,
Crusade rewards need a rework
More gold and experience please.
Either by a straight multiplier, or at worst by a series of guild perks , like with sign in or raid tickets.

Please :slight_smile:


But that point of view negates my original stance that the cost is too high. And obviously I believe in my stance…as that is the nature of a stance.

It doesn’t negate your stance.

It just means instead of bleating and moaning about an issue and expecting per blue to do something about it…

You can still do that, but then suggest a way forward

They might not do the idea we put forward, but it may spur them on to do something else instead

We don’t always have to come up with a complicated scheme to counteract imbalance, do we? If the price has gone up inappropritlately, the solution would be to reel it in. Super simple.

And I’m not directing this to Per Blue, as I believe they put a LOT of thought and planning into the game. I’m asking the opinion of other players who are on this forum to see if anyone else feels this way.

This game isn’t meant for everyone to have every hero leveled up. If so per blue wouldn’t make any money.

If you are free to play, do what I have been doing the whole time, find about 25 heros that you want the most and only concentrate on them. This number has actually increased from 20 since they’ve been giving so much stamina lately. Currently have 250 million in gold for the next level increase, 100 million hero xp and 3100 stamina packs.

No need to purchase anything and half the heros you will never need anyways.

I think it costs about 700 stamina packs to fully equip a hero so if I want the next one that comes out, I’ll have plenty to spare.


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