Could use a confirmation prompt on gold chests


I was going to collect my last silver chest but the game froze a little and counted my press twice. I got 100k xp, which I can’t even use :snake: :persevere: What a waste of gems >_<

cough would like to trade back as well, if that’s possible.


They won’t do it.

That’s one way how they got tons of diamonds from players and even after ppl asked thousand times for a confirmation box, they didn’t implement it. Several months later they now implemented a confirmation for 10x chest (didn’t try it but read about it). Why not for single chests? Just my opinion: Because $$$.

Get over ur loss, 100k exp isn’t bad. I don’t know a single person that didn’t missclick at least once.


get over yourself why don’t you mr high and mighty. Obviously I am new and the topic didn’t come up on the “like this” box, so how I would I know. Such a piggish response.


That’s probably exaggerating a bit, after all, mQuark was just giving an answer, and I can assure you that when you hit the cap you will indeed be happy with that 100K hero XP.

PerBlue does indeed never refund the diamonds spent on those chests, and that seems logic, since they can’t check whether the purchase was on purpose or not.

And @mQuark_S2: The people who accidentally bought chests were always asking for a confirmation button on the x10 chests button.
People (except for lefties :stuck_out_tongue:) apparently also scroll on that side of the screen, which makes it easier to accidentally click the button. Thinking about it that way, and taking into account how people usually want the least amount of clicks possible, this makes more sense.