Crashes and closes


Try to set towers in war… Game slows… Click a few towers game closes… Open cosmetics game freezes then closes… Few rounds of fortress…guess what?


Welcome to my world :joy:
I call it a lucky day, if I’m not kicked out while marking towers…
Boots of speed? Lol, they slow me down…
Going to the main screen after fortress? Hello lag
Entering cosmetics? It tell’s me: just another minute :joy:

Try cleaning your cache, restart your device maybe that helps already :wink:

Or contact the devs about it, but it’s the weekend so it could take some time…


My device never crash when doing any of that

You guys sure you have updated the software for the device
Are you sure your device isn’t too old and outdated


Considering that I bought mine last year, it can’t be that old :joy: my ram isn’t that much, so there could be the problem :shushing_face:
I’ve gotten used to it, so it’s not bothering me at all…

I need to add, it’s gotten a lot better since I started playing on this phone…
For a long time it was so laggy, that I would time out in war, even though the timer told me I had over 50 seconds to go :joy: with every update it’s gotten a bit better & now I just have a little lag… Basically, I never need to pause to trigger any skills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Of the several accounts on my device, only one account crashes with every single fort attack. It’s the most baffling thing.


Perhaps air traffic control wanted their aeroplanes back


As annoying as it is, it sounds hard to fix. Since like people said, multiple accounts can be fine but one has issues. Other people don’t encounter any problems while others do. There’s no consistency beyond play for some amount of time and maybe something will happen or it won’t.


Yea me too.
It was just in Arena and Tournament.
But now in War last 2 fights it closed in 1st wave and count as flee.
BTW I have Note9 and updated all.
So when you are going going to fix it.


This isn’t customer support…

Basically, you have to restart the app and attack in war asap… That’s how I do it :smirk:

If that doesn’t help, submit a ticket to PB


I know its not customer support lol .
And I do what u said usually. I do close the app before my attacked.
But now even that the game closed on War.


This let me believe otherwise :joy:

Well, I’ve seen a couple of times, that there are some problems with the Note 9…
So it’s best to submit a ticket & let them look into this matter :wink:
Because it’s the weekend, it will take them a while to respond, so you have to be patient…


It’s happening a lot and mostly related to the PQ feature of not supporting the feature of not being compatible with other Apps. Whilst in War, Arena, Tournament or even Crusade, if you take a picture and post it to the Line App or Discord it kills PQ. One of the guys won a fight in war, and took a picture of him winning killed PQ. That’s how bad PQ is. Support just said, they don’t support other Apps


Line up in war.
Take screen shot.
Close PQ.

Post screenshot in line discord telegram Facebook messenger etc
Get feedback and GTG from linechecks

Reopen PQ.
Do war hit.
Take screenshot of how many stars you got to prove how good you are at pressing buttons in the right order.
Yey, clicking. Aren’t you great?

Click off the victory screen before leaving PQ
I repeat…
Click off the victory screen before leaving PQ

Go post about how good you are in your chat app, you self congratulatory ego maniac.

Doing it any other way than that is setting yourself up for issues.

Just hit the line.
Then post “dedded” in your chat app.
That’s how it’s done :wink:

I turn up.
You hold my beer.
I kill things :wink:

Job jobbed.


Very dedded reflects 3 star win?


Not sure, as I don’t take pictures lol

I think dragoon did an absolute number on forgotten , and then had enough energy to just tear down the rest , as I fired dragon lava on the back three… @sticker_jenni

They were very dedded.
I was very much alive.

Like this alive.

(Full disclosure: this is an earlier battle, when we were carrying out bird science…)


But have you not described a work around the deficiency of PQ?

Cut paste switching Apps has been around for upteen years. PQ should invest in better development staff.



When an app needs to maintain a steady internet connection with a server, you shouldn’t make it a background process on your phone?


So the phone becomes useless then because PQ can’t design a phone App.

Yes I understand the need for it to talk to the servers but the pause has been pressed, so the phone user can do whatever he needs to do. If I get a sms or phone call, I will pause the game until I can resume. Simple logic really.

The user has paused the game and not killed it. That’s how modern Apps work for last 20+ years. Since use Apps went out with the dinosaurs.


You use your phone to answer calls?



Last 20 years hmmmm

That makes sense